GEEKY NIGHTS CONTEST #EarlyGeekyChristmas (Season Finale)

We’re giving away lots of gadgets! (i.e. Sony Acro S, Headsets, Globe Tattoo stick, iFashDrive, Whatever it takes Retro Phones, Ipad covers from Speck, Cherry Mobile Android Phones, etc.)

This is the biggest contest we have this season! 

We will raffle this tomorrow at 9PM on our show. You only have 24 hours to send an entry. There are 3 ways to get an entry/entries:

Entry #1: Tweet: “#EarlyGeekyChristmas on @GeekyNights season finale. Subscribe to them on iTunes:” and like us on Facebook www.facebook/geekynights

Entry #2: Screenshot of downloaded last 3 episodes of GeeKy Nights on iTunes and tweet “I subscribed to @geekynights on iTunes for their #EarlyGeekyChristmas season finale contest. Subscribe here:

Entry #3: Answer this question: “What is the special code given last week?” and tweet “I subscribed to @geekynights on iTunes for their #EarlyGeekyChristmas season finale contest. Subscribe here:

Kindly send your answer to GeekyNights (at) gmail (dot) com 

Please make sure that on the email, there’s a screenshot of your entry(i.e. screenshot of your tweet and downloaded episodes of Geeky Nights on iTunes.)

On the email subject, write “Geeky Nights #EarlyGeekyChristmas – <Entry#(½/3) Insert Answer>

You are only allowed to submit 1 answer. Your first answer will be your final entry.

You can download old episodes of Geeky Nights via subscribing to our iTunes Podcast:

Include your full name, address and contact info (Twitter/Facebook/mobile number)

Deadline of submission is December 11, 2012, 12PM!

We will announce the winner during our live show tomorrow night!

You can have maximum 3 entries and you may only win the biggest prize of the night! More than 10 items will be given away. 🙂

BUT, we might throw another entry for those who downloaded (screenshot) more than 5 current episodes of Geeky Nights. 😉

GEEKY NIGHTS CONTEST #EarlyGeekyChristmas (Soundfreaq Sound Platform)

We’re giving away a Soundfreak Sound Platform!

Answer this question: “What episode is our first ever LIVE show in Subspace Coffee?”

Kindly send your answer to GeekyNights (at) gmail (dot) com 

On the email subject, write “Geeky Nights Soundfreaq Sound Platform – <Insert Answer>

You are only allowed to submit 1 answer. Your first answer will be your final entry.

You have to tweet “I joined @geekynights #EarlyGeekyChristmas contest”after you send the email.

Clue: You can download old episodes of Geeky Nights via subscribing to our iTunes Podcast:

Include your full name, address and contact info (Twitter/Facebook/mobile number)

Deadline of submission is November 12, 2012, 12PM!

We will announce the winner during our live show the next day! 



We’re going to give away a Sony Vaio E 11” to our lucky viewer. 

Since Halloween is a few weeks away, we will give a Sony laptop to the person who will send us his/her picture wearing the GEEKIEST costume. Also, hold a note saying ” ❤ @GeekyNights “ 

The hosts will deliberate who will win the contest. The Geekiest costume will win. 

Kindly send your entries to GeekyNights (at) gmail (dot) com 

Include your full name, address and contact info (Twitter/Facebook/mobile number)

Deadline of submission is October 29, 2012.

We will announce the winner on our Halloween episode on October 30, Tuesday night! Good luck!

PLDT myDSL | Be Derek’s “New Anna”

Check out this video from PLDT mydsl who are known for high speed plans which are now made even faster!

This is best viewed via PLDT mydsl which is now up to 10Mbps.


Oh man, poor Derek. Good thing his family’s very supportive, it holds true that the strongest connections are at home. Being friend-zoned is never easy as it’s practically the new “Basted” nowadays. But not to worry, because I think that there is light at the end of this tunnel since there seems to be a new “Anna”!

Ladies, and girls, do you want to be “Derek’s New Anna”? Visit this page! All you have to do is submit a video entry on why you should be Derek’s New Anna! If chosen, you get to be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial in addition to taking home a Samsung Ultrabook!

This is the last week of the “New Anna” hunt so join now! Don’t miss this opportunity! Last day of submission is on September 16, 2012!

*just got word that the PLDT mydsl plan 1299 is now at 1mbps. So if you’re on plan 990, just upgrade to plan 1299 so you can get 3x faster speed!

Win Win 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s!

Do you know anyone whose life you want to make better? Recently, Divine and I helped out a really inspiring, and aspiring fashion blogger, Aaron Castro.



Check out how Divine and I helped make Aaron’s blogging life better with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It was pretty fun, we spent some time together and also took photos with and of Aaron. He was really game and made for a really good subject. Really nice kid.

Now how does helping out a friend sound? Make your friend’s life better by joining the “Life Is Better With You” promo! Just share why, and how exactly will your friend’s life be better with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and get a chance to score a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for you and your friend!

Join the promo ->

1. Click the link above, or here -> 

2. Tell us how your friend’s life can be so much better with a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB.

3a. Tweet to me (@victorbasa) “Just joined #lifegetsbetter coz i wanna win two #galaxytab2 thru

3b. You can also go to my FB page, and look for the status #Galaxytab2 then just put under comments this ”Just joined #lifegetsbetter coz i wanna win two #galaxytab2 thru

Best of luck!


photo by Toff Tiozon

We talk about Gadgets, Geek Lifestyle and Internet Culture. The hosts of the show are, Dalekins Azcueta, Mark Lim, Abe Olandres (, and of course yours truly.

Watch the stream here! Tonight is our music episode, and we’ll be giving away several Patron and Lower Box tickets to Gym Class Heroes and Nelly Furtado Live in Manila! (courtesy of Dayly Entertainment) Watch our live stream and find out how you can win tickets!

image courtesy of @bobbyjonc

Click and watch tonight!

and of course, subscribe.

Filipinos welcome imollo!

From Left to Right: Tommaso Arciuli, Marcello Reina, Raffaele Lafortezza, Gianni Serrano, Luca Amenduni

A refreshing way to communicate has just been launched in the Philippines. Recently acknowledged as one of the most innovative start-up companies of 2012, Italy’s imollo Ltd. dares to revolutionize online communication and information exchange through imollo. Shortlisted as top 15 of 500 entries for the Unicredit Bank-sponsored Talento Delle Idee (The Talent of Ideas) 2012, imollo has been recognized as an information technology that addresses real needs with concrete solutions.

imollo offers efficient, easy, and free file-sharing, data storage, and messaging that is slowly gaining popularity among Filipinos. This early, imollo has been hailed the information technology tool that is a convenient, practical, fast, and safe alternative to email attachments. Thousands of users around the world and initial adopters in the Philippines like the easy-to-use programme design and the visually captivating virtual tunnel that gobbles up the files to be sent to one or more contacts. No more worrying about email attachments’ size limitations or the time wasted in sending files in batches. With imollo, users conveniently send files up to 500mb to one or multiple contacts in one ‘drag and drop’ flourish. No zipping of files in folders, no sending numerous emails, and no more attaching files in batches.

imollo also provides free cloud storage to registered users, which significantly eases everyone’s filing and accessibility concerns. Mobile? On the go? Traveling abroad? Gone are the days of worrying about lugging around numerous files or even misplacing the thumb drive that stores your important data. imollo keeps them all within your reach and control anytime anywhere – convenient, practical, fast, and safe as promised.

Raffaele Lafortezza, member of the team of experts behind imollo Ltd., invites you to experience online information exchange at its finest. “Try imollo today and benefit from its efficient, easy, and free service. Drag and drop your files to the virtual tunnel and see for yourself that there isn’t just light at the end of it… there’s a new communication style for you. imollo whenever wherever… make it your habit too.”

Download imollo for free at, install the programme, create an account, add your contacts, and start sending and receiving files… fast, safe, and hassle-free.

Visit the official website for more information, follow @imollo on Twitter for updates, and like us on Facebook. Try imollo today and give us your feedback!

TDK Boombox finds a new home!


I’ve always wanted a “ghetto blaster” for as long as I could remember. Ever since I was recording songs off the radio to cassette (often favorite tracks several times over) The big bass thump and the ability to start up your own block party with some D cell batteries, a boombox and a repetitive mix.  It’s also in this same spirit of repetition that manufacturers have come to recognize this yearning of past wants and improving on the objects of affection to create a truly irresistible product that just begs you to cough up the cash or blindly swipe your credit card and go home with probably the best sounding iPod/iPhone compatible portable speaker system.


Modern boombox, check!


Kinda like that new car smell, only better. (some may disagree with me)


The unwrapping!


Goofy looking grin in shiny new toy’s reflection, check!


Time to wake the neighbors!


Product Features

 Two powerful 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver full range sound

 Play your iPod/iPhone music while charging using the USB to 30 pin Apple cable

 Using the rotary dial and front facing screen, play and control music directly from storage devices including USB flash and external hard drives

 Shoulder strap and soft-touch handle let you take your music along

 Input options let you connect most audio devices and mix with an instrument

TDK doesn’t just put life on record; it puts life in every adventurous music lover.