Best Shoe Forward | Fancy Footwear

If you must only own five shoes (or if there’s room for only five pairs given your limited closet space) make sure they’re the ones on this list. Let me tell you why they’re the best you can have.   

Converse Jack Purcell

photo PURCELL_zpse15983ec.jpgphoto converse-sneakers-purewhite-white-cheap-jack-purcell-leather-low_zpsfeb668d2.jpg

This classic tennis shoe from Converse just looks like quality, from the clean lines and the signature “smile” on the toe. Jack Purcell designed this in 1935 with durability and protection while on the badminton courts. While similar to Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Jack Purcells are seen less in the wild and retain their vintage appeal more. Choose solid colors.

Hussein Chalayan x Puma Disk Blaze

photo puma-disc-blaze-hussein-chalayan-spring-2013_zpse19f1dc6.jpg

Heavily ventilated, fused and designed expertly. It’s a glimpse into the design mind of Hussein Chalayan that has brought forth a shoe that tightens not with laces but with an ingenious disk. This design was utilized before, but was further redesigned to suit modern aesthetics. If you are to wear trainers while in town, I suggest you purchase these.



Gaziano Girling Cooper

photo GANDGCOOPER_zps2fbf8150.jpgphoto gazianoandgirlingdecoLINE_zps00c2eaad.jpg

Step up to the red carpet, or any polished place being in your total element. Beautifully designed Gaziano and Girling shoes use the finest leather from Italy, and are all Goodyear welted and stitched with Barbour thread to ensure the highest durability possible with their slim oak bark leather sole. This pair from the Deco line is handsomely streamlined and is the embodiment of the tradition, impeccable craftsmanship and style details that are not seen in ready-to-wear. Putting your best shoe forward means putting a pair of these on.

Red Wing Iron Ranger

photo REDWING2_zps73311a64.jpgphoto REDWING_zpsab4fbcb0.jpeg

Red Wing Boots are a mark that you favor durability and classic style over quick trends -a pair that will last you a generation or two. The Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger is as tough as they come, with double layer leather and triple stitching is a great combination with the chrome hardware, speed hooks and hardwearing Goodyear welt construction.


photo native-shoes-howard-waterproof_zps8acef04d.jpg

Perfect this summer and for the beach are these waterproof loafers from Native. They’re even nice enough to wear to lunch when you’re out of the water, definitely an upgrade from the flipflops you’ve been sporting. A customization tip you can also do is add some real laces to give it a real boat shoe feel.

Casa Lapo | Architecture

photo lapo_01_zps8b6f9176.jpg

Lapo Elkann, the New York born Italian’s name in 1977’s name is synonymous with sports cars, bespoke suits with a little more flair than usual, beautiful women and camouflage transportation. The impulsive, never surrenderd tattooed individual is also the designer behind the innovative brand Italia Independent which strikes me as a sort of extension to his massive closet, and creative impulses.

photo tumblr_meeze1PY6Y1r4abt0o1_1280_zps8ab7f56e.jpg photo 120404_LapoElkann_LifestyleMirror_04_234F_zps67fb2beb.jpg

It doesn’t surprise me that when the fast living Fiat heir rests his hat, he prefers a contrast to the busyness and excess he deals with from day to day.

photo lapo_05_zps61edd1e7.jpg

The open plan devoid of any structure illicits a calm and direct approach to the hideaway.

photo lapo_06_zpsc5707e91.jpg

Designed by French architect, Florent Lasdesaulnier, it is a sober yet personality rich structure that will indeed impress Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann’s distinctive taste.

photo lapo_02_zpsdc6a54eb.jpg photo lapo_04_zpseadc4dee.jpg

The structure’s ability to take on different skins intrigued me, but figured it was expected that camouflage would be the first choice.

photo lapo_03_zpse4c8a508.jpg

Quote from Designboom:

“The mixing of disciplines, materials and colours are his trademark.  a global artist, pressed for time, driven, anxious to understand, to assemble, to visit

and revisit products, places and spaces.  his creative energy is even expressed through his look. all of it seemed so familiar without my knowing why.  
my reaction was not so much fascination but rather curiosity, and once i reached the end of the interview, the project was fixed.  it was incredible. a first time experience.’

– architect florent lesaulnier

photo lapo_07_zps0d06ac89.jpg photo lapo_08_zps1200732c.jpg photo lapo_09_zps11563a99.jpg photo lapo_10_zpsbfa9c9d2.jpg

Amazing stuff.

Saturday Style | Fixed Gear

 photo I31B1648_zpsba5471f3.jpg

If you guys know me, you’d know that I like my raw denim and jackets. But for the overenthusiastic tempuratures we’ve been having lately, I figured to be practical for a change and wear something more weather appropriate.  photo I31B1529_zps9d9df2cb.jpg

 photo I31B1448_zpsb3439f6d.jpg photo I31B1660_zps687cf561.jpg photo I31B1481_zpsc9fa66a8.jpg

 photo I31B1688_zps0bb18e89.jpg


polo: American Apparel, tank: Hanes, shorts: The Hundreds, shoes: Superga, bag: SM Accessories

Shady Summer | Von Zipper

Von Zipper equates to skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, wee man, and basically for the more alternative and outgoing sort. The sunglasses they serve up are well designed to look good but at the same time hard wearing enough to put up with the numerous challenges the elements pose.

Extreme sports, lifestyle and a ton of personality is infused into their sunglasses which give some individuality in a sea of usuals suspects. I wear a couple of their shades simply because they fit the unfussy summer style pretty well, and are sporty enough to be tossed around and still keep on kicking. They’re perfect for music festivals and keeping the glare out of your eyes while chasing sunsets on a Malibu Wakesetter.


photo up top by Adrian Calumpang.

photo I31B7655_zps4b4f55e7.jpg

Mirrored plane!


Some of that limited ediiish!

photo I31B7663_zps2ecbb32c.jpg

I also really dig these ones (Cletus) because they really give off the summer vibe with the mirrorized lenses.


LoMax below. Basic with a lil sumpin sumpin. Keyhole bridge plus POLARIZATION! VP3 stands for Tri-Motion polarization, so a lot less glare to see colors better!

photo I31B7662_zps652465c3.jpg

Cletus again for the sunset.

photo L1040054_zpsc685fa82.jpg

Check out their stuff and find what your personality calls for, and which one tells your story!

photo I31B7681_zps4158dbd9.jpg

VZ sunglasses are available in LS Pascual Rockwell, LS Pascual Shangri-La, SPEX Greenbelt, SPEX BGC, Sarabia Greenbelt, and Sarabia ATC.



Instagram: VonZipperPH

Modern Casual | Perry Ellis

photo L1020562_zpsaf95f841.jpg

Dropped by the Perry Ellis store before watching Bloc Party the other week, and I have to say I really like the new stuff they have in stock. Perfect for the summer (more casual) months while still being very stylish.   photo L1020556_zpsc56f017a.jpg

This print I really liked, it’s one of those rare designs that catch your eye but in a subtle and “hey, that’s interesting” kind of way.

photo L1020555_zps9e9a688a.jpg

Refreshing orange, I regret not getting this shirt. Hopefully it’ll still be there next time I drop by!

photo L1020554_zps426c1546.jpg

The look of the store speaks city dweller but not in an uptight way, much like the brand it’s for people looking for very presentable clothes without the fussy disposable trends.

photo L1020552_zps37f0c744.jpg

Prints on prints! Don’t limit yourself to stripes and dots!

photo L1020560_zps1de3adc9.jpg

photo L1020551_zps04def8a6.jpg

photo L1020557_zpsdb639e13.jpg

photo L1020550_zps7832c671.jpg

Check out the new Perry Ellis store in Shangri-La Plaza’s impressive new wing, they’re located at the M/L floor.

Perry Ellis Stores:

SM Megamall 
Robinsons Magnolia 
Glorietta 5

Ben Sherman | End of Season Sale!


One of my favorite brands, Ben Sherman is having an end of season sale! The predominantly menswear label, known for their sleek and trim cuts reminiscent of their original mod market can elevate your style stature to say the least.

Be sure to check out their selection and discounted prices before time’s up!


Ben Sherman is located at:

3/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Edsa Corner, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552

Phone:(02) 638 5873

Congratulations to… | Benetton Shopping Spree

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congratulations to Adrian Guadalupe! You have just won a 10k peso shopping spree with me at United Colors of Benetton! 


“In this outfit inspired by your look, I mixed checkered shirt over striped blazer. It may be odd for some, but it really works. It’s all about choosing the right pieces-prints and colors.

Adrian Guadalupe”

I liked how he translated the style I wore in his own way, really great color choices as well. I believe he’ll be able to bolster his wardrobe with the cool stuff over at Benetton. So there you have it, the winner of the shopping spree! Contest is now officially over! If you didn’t win, don’t worry I’ll have more giveaways on this space, just stay tuned of course.

Uniting Colors | Benetton

Color is something one needs in their wardrobe, to break up the monotony of the black, gray, white, and dark denim palette that feels oh so safe and good. Don’t get me wrong, I love those colors or lack thereof but sometimes one feels more chipper and inspired than to don the usual usuals. Be careful though, because wearing color can make what you’re wearing appropriate or otherwise depending on what hues you choose.

United Colors of Benetton is a no fail place if you’re looking for shades that won’t put you off, paying close attention to color trends and always having their core colors make sure that you won’t look like you got dressed in the dark. Benetton has great washed chinos, cardigans, really comfortable pique polos, casual shirts and to my recent knowledge shoes! Check out the photos below. 


Lively colors

Must-have oxford shirts.
What better way to top of your look but with a belt.
Gingham is it.
Suede loafers exuding just the right amount of laid back style and relaxed elegance.
I love this color as well, maybe next time I visit I’ll cop them.
The staff at at the store were really helpful and eager to assist (but not to the point of stalking their customers)
My shopping bag!

This is what I ended up buying! [clockwise: heathered gray pique polo, powder blue gingham check spread-collar shirt, mustard pique polo, chevron patterned brown leather belt, and washed light blue tropical weight pants.]


The chinos are slim, really light and breathable, perfect for our weather. I also like the more casual jeans style pockets, and yoke.

The embroidered “rivets” were also a nice touch.
The chevron pattern leather belt is really versatile, it adds a little detail without going overboard. I also like the width, no to skinny belts.
The mother of pearl buttons really add a little something to an already interesting shade of yellow.
I love gingham shirts, everyone needs this checked pattern in their wardrobe. Mods have been donning them since the 1960s, and is synonymous to fans of indie and mod music.

[powder blue gingham check spread-collar shirt, heathered gray pique polo both by benetton, tie by sm accessories] 


[powder blue gingham check spread-collar shirt, mustard pique polo both by benetton, tie by sm accessories] 


This last one is a numerous rule breaker, but surprisingly works. First of all, I used the darkest shade for the innermost layer which is uncommon, and secondly I haphazardly mixed checkers and stripes. Making an outfit work is tricky stuff, but sometimes stepping out of convention can set you apart and still have you dressed in sharp digs. Playing it safe gets you by but won’t land you in any list, not that we should care of course. Here’s what I wore. [heathered gray pique polo, powder blue gingham check spread-collar shirt both by benetton, tie by sm accessories, seersucker jacket by H&M] 




Christmas season is here, so in line with the theme of giving and camaraderie and all that fuzzy stuff. I’m urging everyone to join and get a chance to come shopping with me! A 10,000 peso shopping spree at United Colors of Benetton is up for grabs, all you have to do is follow the steps below! 

A. Email me a photo [] of a photo of yourself wearing one outfit that’s inspired by any of the three looks I posted.


B. Join and follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



United Colors of Benetton is available at:






Kickers | Art + Sole

I probably love boots as much as I love suits. They’re masculine, durable, purposeful and very current because of the whole workwear trend. They look great with jeans, for straight up ruggedness or polished up with a blazer. At the Art + Sole event of Bauhaus/Kickers, I knew I had to cop a pair the moment I saw them.

Kickers has been around forever, I remember having a pair back in gradeschool but I never realized that they had cooler roots.

Here’s an snippet from wikipedia.

“It was the late 1980s and early 1990s that Kickers really gained popularity when Kick His were heralded by icons on the Manchester music scene. The Kick Hi then became popular in the rave scene, first with acid house and then later with trance music. Many fans of the shoe came from diverse and contemporary musical backgrounds including UK garage, RnB, pop and hip hop.”

“Over the years, Kickers has been associated with the music industry, including Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Mike Skinner, Arctic Monkeys, Craig David and Rodney P.

Ian Brown famously kicked off the trend by wearing a pair of Kick His to The Haçienda as a cheeky retort to the strict ‘no trainer policy’. The Stone Roses wore them in their video for ‘Fools Gold’. A sheep sported a pair of Kick His on the cover of the ‘Stepping Stone’ 12-inch single by The Farm.

Kickers sponsored the Urban Music Awards (UMA) 2007 and had an advertorial with NME which ended in September 2007.”

They didn’t always have this recent look but as their clientele grew up, so did their style evolution. The latest line could actually look like it’s from a streetwear brand. 

Contrast laces add a bit of colour.


His and hers.
The one thing I didn’t like about the event was that it was so hard to decide on which pair to take home!

Decisions, decisions. I take a while when I decide since I factor in so many things, my current wardrobe, leather quality, durability, possible places where I can use the shoes, etc etc. Though some people find this as a fault, I think it’s better to have quality then quantity especially for guys.

These pairs look like they can take a beating, but don’t look like they were designed for the purpose.

Choices, choices. I spent a lot of time staring at these two, and was even considering using the good ol’ eenie meenie technique but stopped…


When I saw these! Walked out of there wearing them as I was pretty excited for my new pair. I chose brown because you can use them with more colour combinations.


Kickers is available at Bauhaus

Bauhaus – Facebook (click here)

Bauhaus Shangri-La Plaza – 2nd Level

+63(2) 6348413

Bauhaus Trinoma – level 3

+63(2) 9013655

Bauhaus Abreeza Davao – 2nd Level

+63(82) 2956248 

Bauhaus Alabang Town Center – 2nd floor Garden Wing

+63(2) 552 28 96

Available also at select Bratpack stores!