Back In Black | Monotone Movement

photo silver-skull-place-card-holder-1_zpsd2f1a70a.jpg

Summer’s definitely over but if you’re like me then you’re still wearing pastels and bright colors even well into the nighttime. Hopeless, or so I thought. Definitely going back to my roots, I chose to select pieces of a more understated nature. I went to Guess the other day and found a bunch of black clothes ready to look like a murder of crows. Back in Black most definitely but still retaining a sunny disposition. See the pictures below. 

photo black_zps990d31d6.jpgphoto black0_zps170da2aa.jpgphoto black1_zpsf6fcc9c4.jpgphoto I31B3339_zps98de55b2.jpgphoto black2_zps07da63d5.jpgphoto I31B3314_zps5433d4cc.jpgphoto I31B3312_zps49bd0a8d.jpgphoto I31B3311_zpsc143e691.jpg   

photos by: @iamMavzx

“NYTLYF” Tee by GUESS | Coated Denim Jeans by Guess | Shoes by SUPERGA | Casio Watch | Asprey Leather NATO Strap (worn as bracelet)

Shout out to GUESS! Happy to be working with you guys!


Make Earth Day, Everyday Critical Mass Ride!

photo image_zpsc905f2c4.jpeg

I was pretty happy to make it to Firefly Brigade’s Critical Mass Ride earlier this morning, nothing like riding your bike with like-minded individuals pursuing a common goal -that is to use bikes as an alternative means of transportation and as well as reducing pollution in the metro.

photo image2_zps1a5c7c3c.jpeg

I brought out “ol’ faithful” for a spin, I was surprised that upon inspection I didn’t need to tighten or grease any parts. Having a fixed gear bike truly is a low maintenance and reliable type of bicycle. (now if only us fixed gear riders could resist the urge to replace parts every fortnight)

photo image1_zps1a93cc4f.jpeg

It was a really nice crowd, groups of riders from all over joined in and kept a steady pace while being courteous and sharing the road (somewhat) One rider noticed I was really thirsty due to the heat and offered her sports drink, talk about camaraderie!

photo image3_zpsa100f8ea.jpeg

A few Ms. Earth guest riders showed their support, all donning helmets as per policy. It was a nice ride and great way to spend an early Sunday morning. Looking forward to the bigger and more Critical Mass ride this coming November.

Check out the facebook page of Firefly Brigade Philippines here:

And of course Manila Fixed Gear:

Kermit Tesoro | Philippine Fashion Week ’12

What an amazing show! At first I was surprised that Kermit Tesoro was in the same roster as Albert Andrada, Ezra Santos, Bandoix Flores, and Butz Fuentes (all very renowned Filipino designers from Dubai) after all, he was the youngest of the lot.  But once showtime came, my worry quickly disappeared.  Clearly Kermit Tesoro was ready to compete at this level.  He is definitely one of those designers that really push the envelope in terms of creating new methods and challenging preconceptions of what is doable and possible (and acceptable).  His experimental flair and almost obsessive eye for detail has led to a cult following.  Amongst his loyal clientele, is none other than Lady Gaga (and Divine Lee) the former of which wore one of his new chest pieces in Bangkok, Thailand.

Congratulations on great show Kermit, I’m sure many were inspired by your creations.

Job well done!

Make Your Own Havaianas! | 50th Anniversary


Since it was a reasonably leisurely day, I decided to have some merienda with D at Sango in Rockwell.   I have to admit that I’ve missed this quirky japanese burger joint, so much so that I may have over ordered.  

Okonomiyaki dog!  Just look at that katsuobushi on top that gives it just the right amount of umami flavor!  I also had a master cheeseburger but I scarfed that down before I remembered to take a picture.  Oh well, charge it to delicious!


I made these.   Haha, not.


Make your own Havaianas!  At this point I was already really excited to make my pair of slippers, but of course I was playing it cool.  So I briskly walked in (instead of full on charging the first available slipper technician?)


Immediately everyone was served pomelo juice, piña coladas, wine, and various sodas (no, no diet mtn dew Lana) aside from the assorted h’orderves that the wait staff were hawking (for free of course).


Bianca Roque up on stage


live sand painting shown on a big led wall by Joseph The Artist of Talentadong Pinoy fame.


Havaianas roulette




Raymond salutes you!


music to set the festivity’s mood


caption this.  amazing dexterity!


confetti!  super stoked!




sidney probably asking for help with what color combination to get.  seriously, it’s hard when you’re given a choice of what colors and studs to get on your slippers.


D with BJ Pascual (


my “technician” was Sy, who was super helpful and patient with my odd request of letters.


Yes, my creation will at last come to fruition!


…right after these letters are attached


and voila!  I give you my WAVVES x Havaianas “sky blue”/white combination!  In case you guys are wondering, Wavves is an American noise pop/surf punk band based in San Diego, California.  Alright, they’re an unofficial collaboration but I can at least tell my slippers apart when I hit the beach.  No crazy colors but I think it looks summery [sic].  Those little sunglasses are polarized raybans btw.  Heh…heh.. um ok.


Congratulations Havaianas!

Havaianas Philippines facebook page

“No Hope Kids” by Wavves (video) PARENTAL GUIDANCE

music video sunday | turbo goth

“Short Circuit Mirage” by Turbo Goth (OFFICIAL)

from Turbo Goth’s Debut Album “Destroy Us All”

Directed by Idris Vicuna

DOP: Otto Ferraren

Video Edit by: Turbo Goth and Idris Vicuna

Styling by Carla Villanueva and Val Tilos

Really great video made by my good friend Idris (of the Bee Eyes, one of his many creative pursuits) and Otto for local band Turbo Goth (who describes their music as SEXY ELECTRONIC ROCK MUSIC ATTACK on their facebook page)

The styling of Carla and Val really completed the aesthetic of this black and white dialogue making you feel as if you’re caught in some kind of time shifting loop while suddenly coming back to a glossy, ghostly reality at the same time.  Give it a watch and feel free to reblog their work featured here.

PHOSPHOR Watches | Bring On The Bling


My summer timepiece!  Yes, I know it’s a little out of character but I thought I’d mix it up a bit and pick an out of the ordinary piece.  The crystals change up to show the time magnetically (like train station info board things)


This soundsystem must have cost a fortune®! Get it?  Ha-ha.  Dig the blue, I miss having a candy blue fixie.


A few of Phosphor’s selection.  Including their famous E-Ink models that has been seen on many celebrities and personalities alike.


Perfect place to show off their horological particulars with these beauties.


Nice backdrop if I should say so myself.  Hold on, I could’ve sworn I saw Ian King drifting one of these on instagram.  Same one?


The EVO que?  No, the EVOQUE!  Look at those angel eyes hypnotizing you to sell your house, lot, cat and dog to get behind the wheel of this sweet machine.




Though their styles are pretty much unisex, this red one would look really good on the ladies.


“Oh, I must’ve left my Phosphor in the Jag”  One can dream!


Showing off her lovely timepiece.


Hello Evoque.


Now this watch would go very well with this I think.  Balllinn!


For the exclusive distributor of Phosphor Watches in the Philippines, contact +632 5433209/+632 9759671.  Flagship store is at the G/F of Ronac Art Center, Ortigas avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, MM.

Boracay Weekend, day 1

Decided to spend the labor day weekend in Boracay since I haven’t had the chance to hit the beach this whole summer, and it’s all been chilly weather activity with the recent trips and travels.  ie: Cold-chella 2012.  It was definitely a welcome change, and it’s always great to enjoy the beaches back in our islands.  It’s pretty hard to beat the balmy weather, and powder fine sand of the mostly party itinerary that is Boracay.  This is a snippet of what happened last weekend.

Laureen (of Break My Style) was at the White House party snapping away and enjoying the festivities of what seemed to be a “chill” party that grew to a massive event level as the night progressed.

Derek was there in his retro looking Vans shades.

Laneway Festival buddies, Janina and…

Half of Your Evil Twin Diary in Ray-Ban Aviators

Ubiquitous sunset shot for posterity.

Nikki, Divine (, Laureen (Break My Style) and Camille Co (itscamilleco)

The party just about to pick up.  Dino was emceeing, not bad *claps*

DJ something… great set though!

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags.

Sunset city.


This guy was probably resting up for the long night ahead.  I should’ve done that.  Ended up going to bed at 9PM!  Fail.

The party ensued.

It got pretty crazy!  People were pouring beer all over the place ala victory champagne bath while singing along to club anthems.

Take note, all these pictures were taken before 8PM.  Mind blowing!

This was just one of the days, more to come!

ear to the street!

Urban Ears Tanto.  These minimalistically and well designed scandinavian headphones feature brushed aluminum accents and a matte painted metal adjustable headband, which go very well with the rubbery like plastic (reminds me of resin) that give the whole package a very quality feel.  Man, I just love any type of audio equipment!

great packaging

Since these portable headphones are also so sleekly designed, one will also notice that these do not completely seal off the wearers ear.  I find this perfect for our warm weather and for more prolonged usage.  As holistically as these headphones were designed, one may still easily easily discount, at first glance how well engineered they are.  I tested these with a bunch of songs including:

Safari Disco Club by Yelle

Bad Kids by The Black Lips


Love Out Of Lust by Lykke Li

I imagine the urban ears design team test their headphones with at least one Lykke Li song since the Swedes really seemed to love her last time I was there.  A taxi driver even started playing her then newly released album (Wounded Rhymes) on his iPhone (connected to car stereo) upon learning that I was a big fan of hers and recommended I check out Södermalm (also know as SoFo) which is the hip, trendy yet unique and charming area of Stockholm known for their boutiques, art galleries, and vintage stores.  Alright, going back.  I’d say the headphones are pretty well rounded and suitable for a number of genres, I highly recommend these for the casual and even avid listener.  

1 year premium warranty (which I imagine will come handy when you need to replace the foam from wear and tear) microphone and remote capability for cellphones, round braided cord for tangle free listening, super lightweight design.  all for Php 1,950