Play Ice Hockey Now! | Manila Ice Hockey League

photo 1_zps94f6193c.jpg Ice hockey is definitely my favourite sport, not only because it was predominantly the only sport that I’ve played since I was 12 years old (see photo above, the one on the left!) but because of the skill, practice, dedication, wits, and speed needed to excel at it. I mean, first you have to know how to skate, handle a puck, avoid getting knocked down by an opposing team, and then when the rare chance opens up when you can shoot the puck, you have to then defeat a goalie who takes up more than half of the net! Those are a few reasons to begin with!

(some photos of the old rink at SM Megamall)

photo 3_zps2094aff5.jpg

In case some of you are wondering, that structural post used to be part of a much larger DJ booth back when the rink first opened up. Yes, one had to skate around it. It was like a permanent defenseman!

photo 2_zps152896f1.jpg

I suppose the fact that being in Manila where frozen lakes are unheard of also made the notion of speeding across the ice while whacking a little rubber disk into a goal sounded like a really cool idea not to mention a fun game.

photo 4_zps0ec6dc19.jpg

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