Centrum | Immunity Helps One Lead An Active Lifestyle

I’ve been currently busy with a number of sports these past few months, I rediscovered my love for ice hockey and at the same time ventured into the world of triathlon (having recently done my first olympic distance triathlon in Bohol). That means I have already tested my swim, bike, and run ability individually and all at once! On the training side I have a non-serious/serious documented training log on instagram (#vsroadtotri) On top of that, I still regularly hit the gym for some much needed injury prevention and strengthening. It’s great to lead such an active lifestyle lately, I’ve noticed my mood has been very good and I find it easier to not sweat the small stuff. I’ve regained my early mornings as I wake up before the sunrise on some days of the week to train and it is also very calming to see the city when it is quiet and sleepy. I then hop in the shower and start off my day refreshed and ready for either taping, guesting, or events.




There are a lot of pros to always being on the go, getting a lot accomplished and ticking off your to-do list like a professional but one of the most important things that usually goes unchecked is making sure that your immune system is strong enough to keep you running throughout the day. What’s worse is when you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals, sapping you of energy and even immunity, severely affecting your productivity and momentum.


I personally would rather not take that risk and undermine weeks of training or miss out on opportunities/work that I could be doing if I were to get sick, just because I don’t have a strong immune system. Not everyone has the time or can eat an amount of food that can support all your nutritional needs to strengthen immunity, that’s why a multivitamin must be utilized to help complete your protection from sickness!


I personally feel, more comfortable with Centrum. A very established brand that has 30 years of nutritional science and over 100,000 patient years of exposure in clinical studies making it the world’s most studied multivitamin brand.

Centrum has a complete profile of vitamins  and minerals that help build immunity, like Vitamins C, A, and E, Betacarotene, Selenium, Zinc, and so much more. Immunity should be held at a high premium, since it is essentially your armor to help you perform your daily activities, meet deadlines, and accomplish the tasks before you. Having a strong immune system is step one to actualizing your dream of running a marathon, getting a fitter body or even just making sure that your vacation doesn’t end up with you cooped up in a hotel room nursing a cold.

Providing a range of health benefits with the vitamins and minerals, you can be sure to have the energy, immunity, healthy skin among others to power through that workout, have the energy to take on more tasks and essentially rocking whatever you do.

To help complete your nutrition and get multiple health benefits, choose Centrum. #BeComplete from A to Zinc at only P10 SRP daily! Take Centrum every day.

ACTIVE IN STYLE | Fit Fashion x Team Manila

In line with the nearing launch of the Fit and Fashion App (Android/iOS) our collaboration with Team Manila was launched last week at Rockwell. The crowd-sourced, tongue-in-cheek slogans featured on shirts offer a light yet honest approach as to why we “hit the gym” or are constantly trying to start your very own “balik alindog program”

 photo tmff-1140559_zps8562c247.jpg

That day the weather was really good and inviting, perfect for a launch if I should say so!

 photo tmff-1140561_zps0d0dc24e.jpg

Arrived early of course to set up!

 photo tmff-1140564_zps47d5bf30.jpg

Yes, that’s Divine cutting up a shirt pre-printed with guide lines to help one customise and make the shirt your own / show off your guns!

 photo tmff-1140573_zps2dff86f8.jpg Continue reading

How Victor Basa bulks up ‘the right way’ | Inquirer Feature

The model-actor creates his own exercise programs and watches what he eats to get just buff enough, so he won’t ‘look like a bouncer’


Original here: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/117157/how-victor-basa-bulks-up-the-right-way#ixzz2aX3DaCJV photo t0730marge-victor_feat2_4_zps7dac4b25.jpg

LIFTING lighter weights builds muscle endurance. NELSON MATAWARAN

In GMA 7’s homosexual-themed teleserye “My Husband’s Lover,” model-actor Victor Basa plays David, a chef and ex-lover of Vincent (Tom Rodriguez). He is buff, as vain gays are wont to be.

Standing almost 5’11, Basa weighs some 170 lbs, thanks to a diet of brown and red rice and weight-resistance training. He taught himself how to pump iron in the correct form for health and aesthetic reasons.

“I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. Once, I got so bulky that somebody said I looked like a bouncer,” he says.

Then again, he loves to eat, and names his favorite restaurants—Aysee Sisig in Pasig, Som’s, El Cirkulo, Jozu Kin in Burgos Circle and Barrio Fiesta for bulalo steak, which he also cooks at home. The pleasures of life once took their toll. One day, he couldn’t fit into his jeans that he ended up wearing shorts every day.

photo t0730marge-victor_feat2_2_zpseef75492.jpg

BASA’S philosophy: Gain more muscle and strength without injuring one’s self

He then made his own weight-training program and eschewed white rice. He does his own split program at Gold’s Gym at Robinsons Galleria.

“I prefer working out at the gym. As males, we are competitive creatures, so we thrive in a competitive atmosphere,” he says.

Asked how he lost the excess fat and bulked up, Basa cites the benefits of pyramid training, which builds an intense workout as the muscles become overloaded. When the muscles are given weight that they are not accustomed to, they react physiologically to adapt to the stress, thus the increased muscle size or power.

The pyramid program either increases the weights while decreasing the repetitions or decreases the weights while increasing the repetitions or a combination of both. After warming up on a stationary bike, Basa executes push-ups and lifts a light weight to warm up the body and gird him for eventual heavier lifts.

photo t0730marge-victor_feat2_3_zps1fe0745b.jpg

PULL-UPS using body weight as the ultimate test of strength.

Basa says he creates his program according to how his muscles feel, or until muscles get exhausted from lifting the heavy load. He can lift 200 lbs in a bench press while maintaining the form. However, he doesn’t really overload himself.

He favors lighter weights to build muscle endurance. More repetitions mean more calories burned in a session, compared to lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions.

Occasionally, he’ll do a selfie to see any improvements on his body mass. “There are calipers and tests to determine the ratio of fat to muscle. Nothing will tell the truth better than the mirror,” says Basa. Or in his case, his photographs.

The results: a 39-inch chest, a 30-inch waistline and bulging biceps.

“I was bulking up but not the right way. I enjoy food. Since my workouts this summer, my trips to the restaurants have decreased. My wallet thanked me for that,” he says. Basa reads online magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, but ignores the training forums. “It’s called ‘bro science.’ Everybody is different. The advice that works for one person will be different for another. These forums are not filtered. I trust the magazines.”

photo t0730marge-victor_feat2_1_zps7dc34174.jpg

WARMING up on the stationary bike.

For his diet, he eats oatmeal for breakfast. His household serves brown and red rice for their health benefits. The antioxidants lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and fight free radicals.

With the brown rice, he serves stir-fried broccoli and grilled chicken breast. Basa says he learned how to cook when he stayed in Singapore for a modeling assignment. He picked up cooking tips and recipes from his foreign flatmates. At night, Basa doesn’t deprive himself of his favorite dishes, such as crispy pata.

Off-camera, Basa does podcasts on geeknights or posts on his blog, victorbasa.net. Still, Basa says he’s found his venue for self-expression. “I’ve tried telling a story through music and writing. But I found it in acting.”

For him, the ultimate wellness program is to take a week off from the computer and even social media. Still, Basa acknowledges their influence, especially on his media career.

“In ‘My Husband’s Lover,’ we were surprised by the reaction. We were trending for 27 days on Twitter. That’s a lot of clamor for the TV show.”

photo t0730marge-victor_feat2_5_zps14c7078f.jpg

At left, with fellow GMA 7 actor Rafael Rosell at Gold’s Gym in Victoria Tower, Quezon City

Using Data to Keep Fit | Samsung S Health

photo b2_zpsef159745.jpg Health is such an important word or term thrown around nowadays, it’s associated with lifestyle, well being, or even the latest fad diet or gimmick meant to shave off pounds without much effort. When making a toast to somebody, good health is rarely ever unmentioned. So what is it if it isn’t just the fitness regimens, cleansing crazes or calculated meal portions delivered to your door? Essentially when I think of health, it’s achieved by one’s activity level daily (i.e.: meters walked, staircases climbed, as well as intake choices such as sisig platters and extra orders of rice reluctantly avoided) but who really has the time to count footsteps and jot down meals in a little notebook when trying to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle? Luckily for us, we really live in the age of convenience where your email, social network accounts (Facebook, instagram, foursquare, et cetera) are all rolled up into little wonders we know simply as our cellphones. One can very well document their existence (duly curated of course) on one’s Samsung Galaxy S4 or other variant. Which is a really wonderful thing considering many of us really lead such interesting and incredible lives.

photo I31B3206_zps1e34be12.jpg

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a truly unique prospect for all of us to further our pursuit of salubrity and happiness, dubbed S Health it features little programs bundled up specifically for your well-being. Interesting little suite of programs that make sure you continue to stay active and reach your personal fitness goals. 


Walking Mate

Essentially a pedometer that you start up and keep in your pocket and it measures how many steps you take in a day, the 10,000 step goal resets daily.

photo I31B3211_zpsaeb40a7e.jpg

Exercise Mate

A personal favorite of mine, one can select from an extensive list of activities ranging from aerobics, badminton, basketball, bowling, boxing, billiards, hula-hooping, rock climbing, skiing, all the way to weight training and yoga. Enter a total activity time, and an approximation of calories burned is reflected as well as a visual indication of how far you are from your daily activity level goal for the day! 

photo I31B3220_zps58803643.jpg

Muscle Beach, Venice, California.photo b3_zps37aee83e.jpg

Food Tracker

This clever little thing lets one input their meal choices, through another extensive searchable list of foods as well as having a really clever bar code scanner which then searches online databases for food products! So instead of inputting the information manually, one can just take a photo of the barcode of let’s say soda or bag of potato chips and see how many calories it actually has.

photo I31B3244_zps291dbf73.jpgSome delicious burgers and hotdogs on the grill! These are all included in the food tracker’s database!photo b_zps652cd39f.jpg

Comfort Level

This is an interesting one, first time I encountered it on my phone I didn’t know what to expect at all! Apparently it measures ambient temperature and humidity level around an individual and determines if it is actually comfortable in a certain place. You can also customize your preferred parameters so it really meets your standards in terms of comfort.

photo I31B3240_zpsd9f14e0a.jpg

I really appreciate having these ingenious little programs that assist and break down activities into numbers and figures because it’s then easier to measure which areas need improvement or need to be focused on. Of course these tools only help out and can never replace plain old sweaty effort and dedicated time working out and training but the suite helps develop habits which can help you get into the groove and lead you towards achieving your personal fitness goals.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Plan 1599 from Globe Postpaid, and customize the way you experience postpaid with the My Best Ever Plan.

Check it out here! http://www.globe.com.ph/galaxys4/a>

Ultimate Fitness | Metrowalk


Worked out at the no-nonsense, results driven gym aptly called Ultimate Fitness in Metrowalk earlier today. At first glance alone, you know they mean business from the Fairtex bags, sets of RIP:60s (Suspended Rotation Training Equipment), kettlebells, freemotion dual cable machine, dumbbells, and the accomplished trainers. “Leave your ego outside” as their ethos states, helps one focus and is, fair warning to pace one’s self and not to let overconfidence make you eat humble pie.



Their version of “Caveman Training” called Fight Form was what I did, combination of burpees, alternating rope swings, squat presses, and a lot more than I bargained for. Still, the comfort of knowing that you’re burning 500+ calories of last night’s binge while gaining practical “real world” strength makes it all worth it.
Whether you’re into mixed martial arts, or looking to just surprise your body as well as augment your training with a variety of HIIT (high intensity, interval training) programs, this is the place to go to if you want to torch away the fat from leftover from Christmas and New Year’s.


Ultimate Fitness is located at:

G/F: Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Ave., Brgy. Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines.