Seeing A Band Live Is A Great Way To Spend A Wednesday Night | CHVRCHES


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I don’t remember which band I’ve seen perform live last, it always used to be a sort of checklist or a matter of updating the list I have on When the announcement was made (when I saw the news on Instagram) I knew I had to see CHVRCHES! I had only seen them once before, during Coachella early this year but the stage was ultra packed and I could only get so near. Music festivals are great, but going to a venue for the sole purpose of seeing one band perform live has its advantages as everyone is really there just to see them, and you’re more likely to get a better spot relatively up front. The energy of the crowd is very enthusiastic and infectious, half of which with phones up trying to perpetuate their performance. Met some fans who lined up as early as 3PM, talk about dedication! I had a great time, they sound very electro live and have a bit more edge and attitude. Whatever is in the water in Glasgow works, as so many notable music acts have emerged from there.

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Amazing night, congratulations to such an extraordinary show Vybe Productions, SM Accessories and should I say Laneway Productions? Perhaps Manila is ready for its very own Laneway Festival as well. Excited for the coming year!

One Epic Concert Party! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | SM Accessories

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Who is excited about the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert on March 16?! I know I’m definitely looking forward to the concert at the MOA Arena! 8PM!

I just realised that I’ve been listening to Seattle based hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis longer than I knew, as randomly shuffling songs sometimes can make you singalong to hidden gems. My first discovery of how great their music was when I heard “Fake Empire” a couple of years back. It was one of those songs that hint at social commentary without being blatantly remonstrative.

Fast forward to the humorous and tongue in cheek(?) idealism of “Thrift Shop” which puts style above expensive clothes and logos, and eventually the horn led and incredibly catchy rhythm of “Can’t Hold Us” featuring the perfect combination with vocalist Ray Dalton can easily make fans out critics.

As brilliant and passionate the duo is about their music, they also have evolved consciences. In their song “Wing$” they speak of life in the hood as a kid wearing your new kicks while feeling you’re part of a bigger movement of sorts, the insatiable desire to be “cool” and while also being nervous of getting your precious pair creased, dirty, or even mugged for is surprisingly accurate of how the sneaker craze has evolved for young(?) people. In addition, in their song “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert they call out issues of homophobia in the hip-hop community, and also urge people to second guess their language and be mindful of their sometimes automatic expressions such as uttering words like “that’s gay” even if meant as a joke. Great example of how good music can also be intelligent and sometimes refreshingly pro-equality.

Alright! Definitely excited to see these guys live! I’m sure you guys are too! So I am giving away Two (2) Lower Box B tickets to their show on March 16, 2014 valued at P2650 each! All you have to do is join the contest below!

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