Martyn Ashton’s “Bike Party” | Video

Having second thoughts about carbon bike frame strength? Check out this video and see how much abuse a good frame can withstand! An amazing display of handling skills, and major cojones!

The song in the video is the anthemic “Sometimes” by Sound of Guns which is a pretty good contrast to the more unorthodox riding style of Martyn Ashton.

Get out and ride!

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Make Earth Day, Everyday Critical Mass Ride!

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I was pretty happy to make it to Firefly Brigade’s Critical Mass Ride earlier this morning, nothing like riding your bike with like-minded individuals pursuing a common goal -that is to use bikes as an alternative means of transportation and as well as reducing pollution in the metro.

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I brought out “ol’ faithful” for a spin, I was surprised that upon inspection I didn’t need to tighten or grease any parts. Having a fixed gear bike truly is a low maintenance and reliable type of bicycle. (now if only us fixed gear riders could resist the urge to replace parts every fortnight)

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It was a really nice crowd, groups of riders from all over joined in and kept a steady pace while being courteous and sharing the road (somewhat) One rider noticed I was really thirsty due to the heat and offered her sports drink, talk about camaraderie!

photo image3_zpsa100f8ea.jpeg

A few Ms. Earth guest riders showed their support, all donning helmets as per policy. It was a nice ride and great way to spend an early Sunday morning. Looking forward to the bigger and more Critical Mass ride this coming November.

Check out the facebook page of Firefly Brigade Philippines here:

And of course Manila Fixed Gear: