I’ve always been into gadgets, more so anything that has to do with audio and music. My first mp3 player was an epiphany, storing more than a cd’s worth in a little lightweight companion. Better yet, no skipping and shockproof! One downside that became quickly evident though, 128MB. Although that limit demanded one would curate their music choices better. Think an appropriate selection for all of your moods. Then I went on to several iPod minis which were a lot larger in capacity but then the sheer amount of music demanded playlists be made lest you keep scrolling every few minutes. But for a bit of nostalgia, who remembers these RIOs below? These little players were signs of a revolution. Along with winamp,, and file sharing which changed and continue to change the music industry we know today.

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One note though, I still buy CDs! I also collect some vinyl but not as much as practically and convenience aren’t one of its strongest suits. Still, having your music in “physical” form adds to the experience. It is all part of making it your own. Just how mixtapes and playlists are very personal and something to be proud of. But I do admit I usually rip them to my library and then have to painstakingly transfer them to either my phone or a dedicated portable music player. More steps and more time fiddling means less music being discovered and heard.

Enter music streaming services! Deezer lets you listen to your music practically anywhere and synced on numerous devices, storage is now a moot point as smartphones are practically little powerhouses. Still having the option to keep your phone clutter free by choosing which tracks to sync and listen to offline is genius! Also the playlists feature allows one to showcase their music tastes! Sharing is caring!

As I’ve recently gotten into triathlon, my running has increased tremendously so it just makes sense that I have a playlist that gets my heartrate up and has a couple or more personal powersongs in it!

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New releases are easily found either through your phone or web browser as well!

One of my favorite features also is flow, which analyzes your music taste and history and helps one find new stuff or rediscover old loves which you can all ‘heart’ and add to your growing cloud of music! So many features, you should just check it out and find me on there as well. Click

Highly recommended.


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