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A few months back, I assembled the really cool shelving system pictured above. I knew that I wanted something low maintenance, easy to move around but still scoring high in terms of style and design. Simply Modular is such a convenient and ingenious way of storing your things, as well showcasing them. Honestly I’ve learned to appreciate my stuff, now that I can actually see them organized and not hidden away in a drawer or closet.

So here is my shelf update, I’ve moved a couple of things around if you notice (like the plants and finally hung an artwork) The Wipo on top though I didn’t move as it really makes the arrangement.

I have a camera cube, smell goods cube (cologne), one for audio/electronics, books, toys, bag, and Bluetooth speakers!


The shelf looks just as great right? I believe its because all parts, made from high quality ABS plastic, are 100% waterproof, termite-proof, rust-proof, and can hold up to 200 kilos. So, no flex zone! The shelves are also finished with a tactile texture that doesn’t scratch easily, and the finish requires no paint either. Perfect for condos and people who can’t wait to move in!

Simply Modular is not limited to condo use. The Kids Animal Panel is a popular choice in nurseries, daycare centers, children’s locker rooms and play zones. A Simply Modular crib may be transformed into a child’s bed and eventually into a full sized bed. Most offices have started using Simply Modular desks, cabinets and shelves as employees come and go. Simply Modular is even found in shower areas because it is waterproof.

The first store and a pop-up exhibit area opened last February 10 at G/F SMDC M Place, Panay Avenue, Quezon City (beside ABS-CBN) with more branches opening for the rest of 2017. Simply Modular has partnered with SMDC malls located right below SMDC condos to cater to their and other condo dwellers in the metro. Online shopping with hassle-free delivery service is also available at www.simplymodular.ph. Simply Modular is also available at Condofit by Space Creation, SM North EDSA Interior Zone Building.

The top of the shelf also acts as a final layer for that finishing touch.


Alright, I’ll be honest I cleaned up a little bit a lot before I photographed the shelf. (Shelfie anyone?) Harmonious and clean!

I31B8429rszThe middle part also features hidden storage for things you don’t use everyday, I put my bigger photography bag and some house clothes in it to save space in my main closet.I31B8424rsz

Easy to find and organized, this shelf has made a huge difference in my life haha! I’m serious!

I31B8425rszSmell goods section, a treat for your olfactory senses. Everything from vetiver, iris, citrus, and aqua for that extra confidence. Just make sure you don’t spray on too much and annoy your neighbors in the lift.

Parra figure below.


My personal audio cube, plus an LED light. Can even serve as a makeshift product studio when needed, great for people who sell small items online.


Photography! Fujifilm X-T20 has been my constant companion lately and have been shooting a lot so this is a very utilized cube.


For someone who has a large number of shades, I don’t wear them enough. I should start, expect to me in lunettes on Instagram real soon! Also, my thriving Pothos plant.


I highly recommend Simply Modular, especially for those looking for great design at an affordable price. Fans of Dieter Rams, and Eames would not feel shortchanged with this purchase.


To check out their latest design innovation, visit their Facebook and Instagram page @simplymodular. Quick instructional videos are also available in their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC8tIOCmr0iSAKlcv42CQbpDzPxGjeeUT.

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