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Condominium-living is continuously booming in the Philippines as more and more young professionals and small families are opting to live where they work and play. Metro Manila traffic, cramped public transportation and demanding work schedules are to blame for this “modern” housing preference. Aside from practically and convenience, condos have also become the choice investment for many OFWs and Filipinos with high disposable income. Having a unit or several units rented out is one of the easiest forms of earning extra income, not to mention a quick return on investment. Condo owners have the option to semi-furnish, fully-furnish or rent out a bare unit, but experience tells them that furnishing a unit at least with basic furniture is the fastest way have it rented out to students, yuppies and starting families.

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Simply Modular Furniture System, which started in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, is quickly earning popularity among millenials with fast-paced and ever-changing lifestyles, as well as condo investors. It is fun, flexible, practical, durable and affordable, as it combines function, quality, design and value – with sustainability in mind. It is the first of its kind in the country.
Simply Modular are connectable panels that are self-assembled to form different types of furniture – a shelf, cabinet, console table, closet, bed, desk, bench, etc. They may be reused and morphed into different styles and sizes as needed. Storing the panels takes up minimal space as they are flatly stacked in a box, easily transportable. All parts, made from high quality ABS plastic, are 100% waterproof, termite-proof, rust-proof, and can hold up to 200 kilos.

Two usual cons of condo-living is a tighter space and construction limitations. One has to comply with building policies which usually take quite a while to get approved, if even allowed. Most developers are strict with drilling and construction noise. Unlike IKEA furniture, Simply Modular does not require tools. Assembly and storage are done using a click-and-stack mechanism. Simply Modular sells Full Sets, Kids Animal Panel and add-on Accessories. The basic 6 SET forms one cube. Other full sets available are the 11 SET, 15+6 SET, 16 SET and 20 SET, with longer 727 mm panels and basic 320 mm panels. Both panel sizes have 20 mm thickness. One may select each panel color from the available swatches. Sophisticated furniture systems may be assembled by adding accessories such as door handles, clothing rail, shelves, etc. No need to paint nor varnish.

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Simply Modular is not limited to condo use. The Kids Animal Panel is a popular choice in nurseries, daycare centers, children’s locker rooms and play zones. A Simply Modular crib may be transformed into a child’s bed and eventually into a full sized bed. Most offices have started using Simply Modular desks, cabinets and shelves as employees come and go. Simply Modular is even found in shower areas because it is waterproof.
The first store and a pop-up exhibit area opened last February 10 at G/F SMDC M Place, Panay Avenue, Quezon City (beside ABS-CBN) with more branches opening for the rest of 2017. Simply Modular has partnered with SMDC malls located right below SMDC condos to cater to their and other condo dwellers in the metro. Online shopping with hassle-free delivery service is also available at Simply Modular is also available at Condofit by Space Creation, SM North EDSA Interior Zone Building.

To check out their latest design innovation, visit their Facebook and Instagram page @simplymodular. Quick instructional videos are also available in their YouTube channel:

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