LIVE FOR NOW! | Original Penguin x Pepsi

 photo pp-1161_zpsbbe3f88e.jpg

The launch of the Original Penguin x Pepsi LIVE FOR NOW Capsule collection was an exciting and suitably timed event, especially considering the World Cup Fever taking over many countries recently. (Brazil literally sounds like a warzone everytime their team scores a goal) The limited edition collection featured cutting-edge international artists with their designs linking the passion of football and art into the pieces. The attendees featured a mix of celebrities, athletes, bloggers, and media personalities.

 photo pp-1316_zpsc6e9078b.jpg

I was in very good company of course, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Kelly Misa and Maxene Magalona (all wearing Original Penguin)

 photo pp-1165_zps8f1de9ce.jpg

Foosball! I may have been a bit competitive that day. No spinning!

 photo pp-1235_zps7cc6ef7b.jpg

A ton of photos after the cut.

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BURTON & DOROTHY PERKINS | Great British Style

I was invited to attend the launch of Burton which also coincided with the 10th anniversary of Dorothy Perkins in the Philippines. Not one to miss the opportunity to see what’s going on in the retail scene, I made my way over to SM Mega Fashion Hall to see what the new menswear store had to offer.

 photo bdp-1130302_zpsf9223bf9.jpg

Jacket on

 photo bdp-1000821_zpsaa2970ca.jpg

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 photo bdp-1000897_zps8f3b196f.jpg

I’ve grown fond of double monkstrap dress shoes, tailored trousers, and unstructured jackets over the years. Still, I find the relaxed and unassuming style donning black and white with a Stockholm sensibility impressive. Also, the choice of a DIY cut sleeve tee makes the outfit appropriate for our weather. Thanks Mikyle!

I’m watching you too.


A Pleasant Surprise | Converse

Earlier today, right after having lunch I noticed a box arrived for me. As I wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered, I inspected the package closer and saw that it came from Shanghai! Hey, this must be the package from my new buddy Jason! So I opened it up…

photo P1030709_zps1463a34c.jpg

Figured it was Converse sneakers (of course) and guessed they would be Chuck Taylor All-Stars just by gut feel. The weight was a little heavier than expected, I then thought ah, baka Jack Purcells….

photo P1030710_zpsa47b7985.jpg

Then upon closer inspection…

photo P1030711_zps289a6745.jpg

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Casually Sunny | Rushing To Lunch

photo I31B6960_zps298dfdcc.jpg


After a night of merrymaking, I completely forgot I reserved for lunch at Balesin’s “Fish Fun” (it’s a seafood restaurant on stilts where kids/kids at heart can also try their fisherman skills and have their catch prepared as their meal) So I haphazardly put these clothes on and was off to make it to my reservation, and shot a few of these photos while on the way!

photo I31B6961_zps4190c92d.jpg


The 9Five shades go well with the shirt, right, right? I also donned the shorts so I could easily pop into the pool when the temperature rises.

photo I31B6966_zpsa2822285.jpg

Guess Shirt | bright neon shorts | slippers

photo I31B6963_zps2e5e583c.jpg

I like how it isn’t screaming a logo, which is great at the beach which is supposed to be time to relax.

photo I31B6962_zps4d8c557c.jpg

Look Like A French Tennis Champ | Lacoste @ 80

photo LACOSTE_zpsbc16ce98.jpg

René Lacoste invented the Polo in 1932, then called the L.12.12 Polo. Afterwhich he established the brand Lacoste. When I think of Lacoste, I think casual yet elegant clothing which ranges from perfume, shoes, bags, watches, eyewear and of course the ever famous polo.

I’ve always been a fan of the brand, the ease and effortless “unconventionally chic” clothing which I’d wear ever since I was in grade school or knew what personal style even was. Naturally, when I received the invite for Lacoste’s 80 Year anniversary, I had to make my way over to Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing to see what was happening for the special occasion.

photo L1090169_zps9f1060e9.jpg

David Celdran was one of the hosts that evening, and explained a little about the history of the French brand and how tennis champion René Lacoste got his “Alligator” nickname from the American Press because of his tenacity in playing the game. We were then led through the different advertisements and historical photographs within the Lacoste L1090235_zps2cf8f373.jpg

Staying true to their roots, the Lacoste exhibit dominantly shows tennis, then the other sports such as golf and… is that a futuristic game of racquetball?photo L1090217_zps6b54c8eb.jpg

Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Bianca Valerio and David Celdran in full force.

photo L1090229_zps27e9454b.jpg

The photos really bring the Tournoi de Roland-Garros to mind.

photo L1090216_zps6f14ce6b.jpg

How exciting it must be to have been to watch the greats during that time.

photo L1090215_zpsdb254010.jpg

The exhibit also had different Crocodile types, this French flag one was definitely my favorite.

photo L1090203_zps375e3661.jpg

Marqueed along the walls were historical dates and facts relating to Lacoste. 1973 marked the year that Glyceria Tantoco of Rustan’s signed an exclusive agreement with Bernard Lacoste, a son of the brand’s founder, René Lacoste bringing the iconic brand to our shores.

photo L1090199_zps5c13c137.jpg

The classic white polo, timeless and still so cool.

photo L1090192_zps4569a05b.jpg

All-over prints, collaborations (which include the one with Karl Lagerfeld among others) were very pretty and desirable, but alas, all not for sale.

photo L1090182_zpsa2a3554a.jpgphoto L1090165_zps176758dd.jpg

Store Specialists Inc.’s executive vice-president Anton Huang and Malu Francisco together with French Ambassador to the Philippines Gilles Garachon.

photo L1090222_zps4a5118e8.jpg

Group photo! I believe every one of us was wearing Lacoste, but Pepper Teehankee trumped us all with his Lacoste x MICHAEL STIPE / REM ‘Crowd – Red’ Visionaire 54 Polo!

photo L1090233_zps6f20a2c7.jpgphoto L1090241_zps43329c39.jpg

The newly opened store which also has a section of the more vibrant and out there designed pieces of Lacoste L!VE. But what I was really excited about was the Peter Saville collabs which I first saw in a closed boutique in New York during my last night, and I was to leave really early the next morning giving me absolutely no time to swing by and feed my obsession with anything Joy Division/New Order/Factory Records/Saville related! It’s fate, it’s here, and I have to have it!

photo L1090240_zps10ad4266.jpg

photo savillelacoste_zps201ff566.jpgphoto L1090164_zps3c7e956c.jpgphoto L1090158_zps9b426dd7.jpg