Sunglass Sunset | Ronnie & Joe Anniversary

Ronnie & Joe, the eyewear boutique one would go to when looking for hard to find labels such as Cutler & Gross, Matsuda, Ksubi, Native Sons, DITA, Margiela Karen Walker, and Thom Browne to name a few celebrated their anniversary as well as a new store opening on a semi-hidden gem of a rooftop of Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. I naturally brought my camera given the details.


Emel playing my jam, haha!


Photo from my personal instagram.


Man of the hour, Mike ConcepcionP1170614

As candid as “candid” gets

P1170617P1170621 P1170624 P1170628 P1170631 P1170637

Hi Nix!

P1170640 P1170645P1170623

Sunset, moonrise.


I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the refreshments that day.


Laureen, always smiling!

P1170661 P1170663

Jess, doing her thing.


Ronnie & Joe Ground Floor, Powerplant Rockwell


Ronnie & Joe SM Aura

Your Top Blogs | Nuffnang Country Manager’s Dinner

I31B0057Ritz, ang blurry ng photo mo! Haha, black and white nga lang. The one right next to me is Abe, Country Manager for Nuffnang Philippines! Usually in Geekynights he’s the tech guru and Mr. Yugatech, or plain ol’ Abe but that night he was hotshot bigwig mode haha!

Nuffnang is the world’s leading blog advertising community which connects brands with bloggers, as well as strengthens ties and relationships between other bloggers as well. It’s like a big summer camp with lots of talented folk, wherein everyone has their own expertise or speciality. You have style and fashion bloggers, tech bloggers, food bloggers, fitness bloggers, et cetera. It’s a great mix of interesting characters! Interaction is usually more online than offline (irl) so it was great to hang out and share ideas and of course eat, drink and be merry at the Nuffnang Country Manager’s Dinner which happened at Vyne at Bonifacio Global City.


A flurry of drinks and cocktails were served.


Together with a 9-course meal!


I am sure the food bloggers’ photos are way better! Our table couldn’t resist the food long enough to shoot it!


Developing opinions on the food served.


I am easily pleased, burger burger burger!


On to the awards! Project queen (person with most projects) this year was Jackie Go!


Highest …hair was David Guison! Haha just kidding bro!


I was a runner-up in that category as well! Okay ba?


Other awards were given that night as well as King of Projects, as well as top hits! But more importantly, we had a name that tune game which I was sure I’d win.


Impromptu hosting courtesy of Nyko.




The party was divided into teams, one team per table!


The Soshal Network with their best guesses cracked everyone up!


I had a chance to win but I messed up Britney Spears’ song title, apparently it’s “…Baby One More Time” and not “Hit Me Baby One More time” Grrrr… sayang! It’s ok, I’m not pikon. Honest!


Congrats.                                        Haha!


My running discussion buddy, Jinoe Gavan of!


Photobooth pictures were also on the agenda!


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STUDIO 54 | Ruffa’s Disco Glam Birthday Bash

The moment I saw the invite to Ruffa’s birthday, I knew I’d quickly be out of ideas of what to wear. You see, there’s a fine line between looking good and in theme, and looking like you rented a costume so I decided to tread lightly. Was my choice a hit or miss? Who knows? The ladies on the other hand I’m sure did their homework because they came in what appeared to be all the rage in 1978! Everybody looked great, and Ruffa truly was the star of the night looking like a hollywood glamourpuss! Incredible party!

 photo rparty-1130765_zpsea199f45.jpg

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LIVE FOR NOW! | Original Penguin x Pepsi

 photo pp-1161_zpsbbe3f88e.jpg

The launch of the Original Penguin x Pepsi LIVE FOR NOW Capsule collection was an exciting and suitably timed event, especially considering the World Cup Fever taking over many countries recently. (Brazil literally sounds like a warzone everytime their team scores a goal) The limited edition collection featured cutting-edge international artists with their designs linking the passion of football and art into the pieces. The attendees featured a mix of celebrities, athletes, bloggers, and media personalities.

 photo pp-1316_zpsc6e9078b.jpg

I was in very good company of course, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Kelly Misa and Maxene Magalona (all wearing Original Penguin)

 photo pp-1165_zps8f1de9ce.jpg

Foosball! I may have been a bit competitive that day. No spinning!

 photo pp-1235_zps7cc6ef7b.jpg

A ton of photos after the cut.

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Celebrating my 20something | A Surprise Sofitel Party

Sofitel is a pretty special and memorable place for me. It’s like one of those places that no matter how many things change, it’s a place one can go to and have a good time or get some well needed R&R. Also, it’s where I used to go swimming occassionally when I was a kid, as well as hit golfballs lousily into the sea and pretend I knew the difference between a 9 iron and a driver. Like I said, good times. It was also the place where I attended this one of a kind reggae fest, and somehow ended up in the pool that same night! My good friends, Wyanet and Adrian also had their wedding reception here after tying the knot. Sofitel is also the place where I used to go for sunsets when contemplating the state of my lovelife then. Oh, and I also got very close to this amazing woman that same time 😉

Enough nostalgia!  Here are the photos from my “surprise” birthday party last June 6th
 photo bday-1340_zpse49985a7.jpg

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Tim Yap “Upwards” Birthday Party | 71 Gramercy

My friend Tim Yap threw a print on print themed Birthday party at 71 Gramercy (which we all know is the highest point in the metro) perfectly appropriate I think as the the venue suited his new mantra for 2014 which is “Upwards” or as the birthday boy would like to say “Yapwards” Really fun party with lots of familiar faces who were all smiles that night to celebrate Tim’s birthday bash!


Nix and Charms!photo I31B7074_zps59013da6.jpg

Tim Walters and G, who suited the theme perfectly! (I had trouble with this theme)

photo I31B7071_zpse35ef7ee.jpg

Dong, Nix and Leah! (happy Birthday Leah!)photo I31B7076_zps911995f3.jpg

Princess, Trish and Charms!photo I31B7077_zps38e6152a.jpg

Upwards!photo I31B7083_zps645cff66.jpg

Nix looking happy with the main course!photo I31B7087_zps03bc1bb3.jpg

Dinner was tremendous!photo I31B7110_zps2f227747.jpgphoto I31B7093_zps1f9848df.jpg

Ignore my pants. Print on print I31B7096_zps6d1a6452.jpg

Tessa and CJ!photo I31B7099_zps70c154e1.jpgphoto I31B7104_zps9de8039e.jpg

Rajo was just one of the people who gave a toast slash speech in honor of Tim!photo I31B7132_zpsaf09ea24.jpg

Tim looking on candidly(?)photo I31B7122_zpsa4ac4146.jpgphoto I31B7143_zps156505b5.jpg

My lighting settings were all over the place that night, oh well! It’s a party!photo I31B7171_zps94978646.jpgphoto I31B7174_zpsf8553486.jpg

Tim in his element (the party)photo I31B7136_zpsf99817b1.jpg

Solenn and Biancaphoto I31B7176_zpsa4cf0af2.jpgphoto I31B7178_zps69185e2e.jpgphoto I31B7179_zps6c7d6695.jpgphoto I31B7192_zps3e2808cd.jpgphoto I31B7202_zps4c2f0f9f.jpgphoto I31B7139_zpsc1fe6064.jpgTim really pulled out all the stops, may fireworks pa!photo I31B7246_zpsa7b08eec.jpgIt’s Billy! (sung with a tune)photo I31B7249_zps76a98b51.jpgphoto I31B7251_zps82408091.jpgIzzy (, Martine, and Nix!photo I31B7190_zps280b4912.jpgMond and Xeng!photo I31B7253_zps0f5832e0.jpg

Meeting de avance ba? I kid, I I31B7258_zpsf706c849.jpg

Lorelie and Marc Soong with Tim and my awesome chef of a friend Aaron Isip!photo I31B7265_zps59c45d34.jpg

Rowie and Duncan Yu!photo I31B7278_zps234345d7.jpgphoto I31B7283_zps93014cef.jpg

Yours truly with Astley and Manolet!photo I31B7284_zpscbc75e63.jpg

Rocco and Lovi, cute couple(?)photo I31B7286_zps92f8fd73.jpg

Whian Rhian who came appropriately dressed for the theme that nightphoto I31B7288_zps63a08141.jpg

RJ and Vanessa Ledesma by the photo wall (Tim started out taking photos of people in clubs to get in once upon a time)photo I31B7289_zps07a600ba.jpg

Happy birthday Tim!