Extraordinary | Wolfgang’s Steakhouse


Finding the perfect steak is a very personal affair, some swear by red hot coals and a grill, others a smoking hot cast iron pan to get the perfect sear on a dry aged ribeye while bigger places have massive broilers to get the charred outside and pinkish middle. Some add all sorts of spices and sauces, others swear by salt, pepper and a little oil. We could go on to choice of meat, or how the cattle was raised et cetera but who really cares? Wolfgang Zwiener does, he wants diners to truly experience the extraordinary in his steakhouse. His credentials? Only 4 decades of experience. Starting out as a head waiter at Peter Luger’s renowned steakhouse, he improved on what made the aforementioned steakhouse famous and is now in the Philippines ready for all you carnivores.

Scroll down to see who came to appreciate the care and expertise put into their prime ribs and bone-in ribeyes.



Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

2f Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

At Your Best | Mango Man


“At your absolute best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person.”


Now this is an emotional and moving quote, it may even help restore your belief in love. Lucky is the one who finds the aforementioned partner above, but looking your best for them should also be held in high regard.


I chose a simple, elegant black suit in a “drop 8” cut which is a more athletic form as I like to think I take care of myself in that aspect. Chose to forego the pocketsquare as I wanted the outfit to speak sincerity without any hint of peacock whatsoever. This is what looking good is all about I believe, the right cut, fabric and composition for that perfect occasion or Valentine’s date.


Suit, Shirt, Tie and Belt all from Mango Man, Shoes Fratelli Rossetti

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Moka Pot | Ossidiana


Designer(s): Mario Trimarchi, Italy
Company: Mario Trimarchi
Project: “Ossidiana”
Awards and Category: Silver Sub-category Winner, Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop, Professional


The fusion of two disciplines, design and sculpture, has led to the birth of Ossidiana, a moka coffee pot that is a tiny silent piece of architecture. Design has given Ossidiana the aesthetic codes of a beloved object, slightly shifted but with an everyday feel that makes it familiar. Sculpture has lent Ossidiana its design process – it is a work created through the subtraction of material, using the same approach adopted for sculpting marble or stone. Its scoops of subtracted aluminium become perfect handles, for gripping while tightening and opening, as if the object were demanding all the unexpected ergonomic dignity of a new generation. The cultural reference is to the prehistoric flints, as our very first ancestral design processes, which merely entailed the chipping away of material to make perfect tools from simple stones.


from: http://idesignawards.com/

Sharpen Up | John Barbers



Grooming is an important factor in achieving a certain image or at the very least showing that you respect yourself enough to maintain a clean face, and in some cases impeccable hair. I’ll be the first to tell you that I usually have the former, occasionally the latter but the road to these two isn’t so impossible. Take John Barbers for instance, it’s a cozy albeit well designed barbershop tucked away in Legaspi Village. By well designed, I don’t mean the usual minimalist space with white walls and leatherette couches. Here, the use of steel, wood, glass, leather and warm lighting give a sense of manliness. Here one can get a proper haircut with a barber, who can give you something new, something borrowed, or something that just makes you look damn good.

As always, it is best to make an appointment but walk-ins are very much welcome. The have very comfortable seating while you wait, as well as a good selection of men’s magazines. Look sharp, get the girl.

John Barbers
Somerset Millenium, 104 Aguirre, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
887-JOHN (887-5646)

Wandering Music | Ra Ra Riot – Water

Ra Ra Riot’s new video, denotes life choices and a yearning to break free from daily drudgery and seeing the world as a wanderer even if in your own city. These guys will also be wandering into Coachella this year, so if you’re fortunate enough to catch the festival give these guys a shot!