Chicken Run | Fowl Bread


Tasteless Restaurant Group (Hole In The Wall, Wrong Ramen, Hanamaruken, Le Petit Souffle) has recently launched their newest creation at Bonifacio High Street, Fowl Bread! The name pertains to what they serve, which starts with spicy fried chicken sandwiches, fries, and it gets a little more adventurous with garlic noodles and gyoza!

The chicken sandwich has two chicken pieces, one is chicken meat and one is chicken skin! Genius! It’s then topped with a pickled pickle and radish.  You can choose your spiciness level, much like in Hole In The Wall’s Bad Bird. The levels are normal, spicy and chemical (as in chemical burn so good). Tastes very similar to aforementioned umami chicken joint which is not surprising as their resident chef Jen Slagle’s brains also gave birth to this fantastic piece of sandwich! Cocktails, craft beers, and slushy drinks also pair perfectly with their spicy cockery.


Fowl Bread

Bonifacio High Street


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  1. You had me at chicken skin! But, seriously, I didn’t know they have seats inside. Good thing I came across your blog today.

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