A French Revolution In Manila | Les Misérables





Les Mis is an unforgettable story set in 19th century France of heartbreak, passion and the resilience of the human spirit that has become one of the World’s most popular musicals. I remember listening to the CD soundtracks as a teenager with my cousins and imagining banners flying through the air, revolution and of course unbreakable love. From listening to the 17 different international Jen Valjeans singing Do You Hear The People Sing/One Day More (10th anniversary original London Cast) I had always hoped that someday the one of a kind musical would someday come the Philippines. Sure, I had seen the brilliant production in London’s West End which featured a surprising yet applaudable Nick Jonas but I still wished for a show here in Manila.

Many years passed and I’d forgetten the heroic tale, the sorrowful I Dreamed A Dream, the unbelievable forgiveness of Who Am I and the admirable yet heartbreaking Own My Own. Save for the odd videoke night which did the songs no justice at all. Then lo and behold, Les Mis is here in Manila! I was excited beyond words when I heard the news on the Viber public chat of Smart, and knew I had to watch! Through providence I was able to get my hands on some tickets and caught the newest production at Solaire!

Horizontal Print LesMis Manila

This was outside the parking building, a massive projection of the scenes I was about to see.


This surely added to the excitement and anticipation for one of my favorite musicals of all time.


The iconic logo of Les Mis.


The dressed to the nines guests, enjoying some chitchat before the show started.


I of course didn’t miss out on the opportunity to dress up comfortably, it was arctic cold in that theater I tell you!


Preparing myself for the cryfest that was about to ensue.


No photos are allowed in the theater, so you guys will just have to catch the show to see more! The all new digital sets which change the game in terms of storytelling, and Rachelle Ann Go did spectacularly well, as did the rest of the cast.  It’s really worth it, enriching and inspiring and makes one remember the important things in life. Themes are love, patriotism, forgiveness, faith in God, and never giving up.


Thank you Smart Infinity for a truly wonderful night. For those thinking about watching or not, don’t miss out. Don’t wait one day more.




Take A Bow | Archery Academy


I remember watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, yes, matagal na yun, and being amazed by how Robin Hood could split an arrow from incredible distances. I even remember purchasing those native looking bow and arrows from street vendors as a kid in New Manila and trying to no avail to pull a Robin Hood. All I did was scare Brownie and Whitey (my Lola’s Aspin dogs) My failed vigilantism and archery dreams disappeared, only to be rekindled when watching Arrow and the Hunger Games. Archery has had a reemergence recently, which can be attributed to movies and shows above, also who can deny the win of junior archer Luis Gabriel Moreno in 2014 (then 16) which sparked a growing interest in the sport. Winning the first olympic gold medal for the Philippines during the 2nd Youth Olympic Gamesin Nanjing, China last August 24, 2014. Several archery ranges have opened up since then, each with their own different approaches to the sport.

Is it easy? Hard? Dangerous? It can be either of the three or all. So great care and attention must be needed when handling a weapon. Yes, it is still a weapon despite the sporting aspect and should be handled as such. The new bows look very different from the Robin Hood ones, and for sure the Holmegaard bows that were discovered in Denmark which date 8,000 BP.


The fletching on arrows ensure the arrow is aerodynamic and flies true. If inserted into the bow improperly, the fletch may break.


Take aim, inhale, while exhaling, release! Kind of like firing! That’s just my own style, I have yet to confirm this with an actual archer. Utmost attention is also given to safety, like how you can only draw your arrow when your feet are over the shooting line. This made me feel at ease. Gio our rangemaster made sure we were safe at all times.


The Archery Academy started in March of 2014, in hopes of getting more and more people into the wonderful sport and build a pool of athletes who may become our next Philippine Champions in the sport!

This is Cody, he was using a bow which had a greater tension as he was aiming at a much further target than we were!


Looks legit!


Checking out the targets and learning how to properly remove arrows as they may break.


To make things interesting, balloons were attached to our targets as incentive to hit the bullseye!


These were a few of the olympic recurve bows in the range.


If you’re like me and like gear in general, whether triathlon, camera, music, et cetera you will love this sport.


Pleased with my “progress not perfection” target.


Not exactly Robin Hood but pwede na!


The most important part of trying a new sport? Picture taking! Surprised by how competitive Stephanie was at archery!


The Archery Academy has an upcoming summer program from March 28 to May 26, 2016. This is their third summer and the numbers are growing!

They offer a beginner’s classes with 8 meetings for 2 hours each for only Php8,500 for first time enrollees which also includes their own string, arm guard, finger tab and a shirt in the package. Returning students will only be charged Php6,500. We will have 3 batches and 4 schedules to choose from.


Questions and inquiries, you may contact Archery Academy

5/F Intrawest Center, #33 Annapolis St. Brgy. Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: thearcheryacademy@yahoo.com
Contact Number: 0917-803-7422
Website: thearcheryacademy.wix.com/thearcheryacademy
Facebook: http://www.fb.com/TheArcheryAcademy
Instagram: @TheArcheryAcademy
Twitter: @ArcheryMNL
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheArcheryAcademySanJuan
Google Plus: http://www.google.com/+TheArcheryAcademySanJuan

Thank you to Rica and Gio of Archery Academy.

Chicken Run | Fowl Bread


Tasteless Restaurant Group (Hole In The Wall, Wrong Ramen, Hanamaruken, Le Petit Souffle) has recently launched their newest creation at Bonifacio High Street, Fowl Bread! The name pertains to what they serve, which starts with spicy fried chicken sandwiches, fries, and it gets a little more adventurous with garlic noodles and gyoza!

The chicken sandwich has two chicken pieces, one is chicken meat and one is chicken skin! Genius! It’s then topped with a pickled pickle and radish.  You can choose your spiciness level, much like in Hole In The Wall’s Bad Bird. The levels are normal, spicy and chemical (as in chemical burn so good). Tastes very similar to aforementioned umami chicken joint which is not surprising as their resident chef Jen Slagle’s brains also gave birth to this fantastic piece of sandwich! Cocktails, craft beers, and slushy drinks also pair perfectly with their spicy cockery.


Fowl Bread

Bonifacio High Street