Extraordinary | Wolfgang’s Steakhouse


Finding the perfect steak is a very personal affair, some swear by red hot coals and a grill, others a smoking hot cast iron pan to get the perfect sear on a dry aged ribeye while bigger places have massive broilers to get the charred outside and pinkish middle. Some add all sorts of spices and sauces, others swear by salt, pepper and a little oil. We could go on to choice of meat, or how the cattle was raised et cetera but who really cares? Wolfgang Zwiener does, he wants diners to truly experience the extraordinary in his steakhouse. His credentials? Only 4 decades of experience. Starting out as a head waiter at Peter Luger’s renowned steakhouse, he improved on what made the aforementioned steakhouse famous and is now in the Philippines ready for all you carnivores.

Scroll down to see who came to appreciate the care and expertise put into their prime ribs and bone-in ribeyes.



Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

2f Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

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