Moka Pot | Ossidiana


Designer(s): Mario Trimarchi, Italy
Company: Mario Trimarchi
Project: “Ossidiana”
Awards and Category: Silver Sub-category Winner, Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop, Professional


The fusion of two disciplines, design and sculpture, has led to the birth of Ossidiana, a moka coffee pot that is a tiny silent piece of architecture. Design has given Ossidiana the aesthetic codes of a beloved object, slightly shifted but with an everyday feel that makes it familiar. Sculpture has lent Ossidiana its design process – it is a work created through the subtraction of material, using the same approach adopted for sculpting marble or stone. Its scoops of subtracted aluminium become perfect handles, for gripping while tightening and opening, as if the object were demanding all the unexpected ergonomic dignity of a new generation. The cultural reference is to the prehistoric flints, as our very first ancestral design processes, which merely entailed the chipping away of material to make perfect tools from simple stones.