Sharpen Up | John Barbers



Grooming is an important factor in achieving a certain image or at the very least showing that you respect yourself enough to maintain a clean face, and in some cases impeccable hair. I’ll be the first to tell you that I usually have the former, occasionally the latter but the road to these two isn’t so impossible. Take John Barbers for instance, it’s a cozy albeit well designed barbershop tucked away in Legaspi Village. By well designed, I don’t mean the usual minimalist space with white walls and leatherette couches. Here, the use of steel, wood, glass, leather and warm lighting give a sense of manliness. Here one can get a proper haircut with a barber, who can give you something new, something borrowed, or something that just makes you look damn good.

As always, it is best to make an appointment but walk-ins are very much welcome. The have very comfortable seating while you wait, as well as a good selection of men’s magazines. Look sharp, get the girl.

John Barbers
Somerset Millenium, 104 Aguirre, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
887-JOHN (887-5646)

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