Power Overwhelming | Promate 240

The Promate 240 was launched recently by Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated, it’s an indoor generator but it looks rugged enough to bring around with you so it’s not limited to being a homebody. Naturally, the adventurer in me wanted to test it out on the field! So brought the capable little generator that could to Laoag, Ilocos Norte.


9 hours?! This usually intimidates the nomophobes in all of us, but luckily even with heavy usage the presence of a big, giant powerbank which can also run a PS4 complete with a monitor is very comforting.

*cue Knight Rider theme*


Awoke near the Sand Dunes. Checked everywhere, no outlets in sight.


Luckily, coming prepared is on the agenda. The Promate 240 has a 24,000mAh sealed lead acid battery that can jumpstart a car, power three USB ports and two 400-watt 220V outlets. Charge it (through a wall socket, your 12V car outlet, or even its built-in solar charging port) and you’re good to go! Power overwhelming!



Information is everything, the indoor power station has a built-in LED digital display which shows you if you need to charge or keep on chugging on.

The Promate 240 Indoor Power Station, is priced to sell at Php9,999. You get a standard 1-year warranty as well.

Never run out of juice! The Promate 240 is now available in all leading hardware stores nationwide.