#WANDERBUFF: Let’s Go For A Spin | Spin Hostel


My first impression when it comes to the word hostel, isn’t too good especially after seeing a few hollywood movies centered around said the said theme. Imagine my surprise when I saw how well designed and laid out Spin Hostel was! Alright. It’s not exactly a hostel, the word I was hearing being thrown around was “designer” hostel. So that explains why it’s like a hostel on steroids, every nook and cranny is super instagrammable.



This is from their site, and believe me it looks exactly how it does in the photo. It has a very scandinavian on an island sort of vibe. More clever and convenient ideas exercised rather than having blatantly expensive materials and finish. Aircon was also incredibly cold, I had to set the thermostat to the middle else I’d turn into a popsicle. The design of the place also allows for free flowing air, so I cracked open the windows a number of times also.


The sun wasn’t all that great but that didn’t stop us from having a great time! The waters of El Nido really are something else, the only time I’ve seen such turquoise coloured water was when I was Santorini, Greece. A little further than a stone’s throw. Luckily, Palawan is only an hour or so away.

I love their Nest area, which is the common area which is the most happening area of the property where one can see various nationalities conversing, playing Uno, internetting [sic], reading a book or just lounging around. SPIN also has sharing rooms which bring the wallet footprint down a couple of notches without sacrificing quality of stay. The unisex bathroom for the sharing rooms is actually airconditioned!

The folks had left once I started playing guitar, I wonder why?!


After a restful sleep (no worries of roosters crowing!) we were off to explore jagged limestone cliffs, secret caves and such.


Standard kayak shoot in an extraordinary lagoon setting. I literally could not sit still in this place. When you get the chance to do the boat tour, make sure Small Lagoon is in your itinerary. You’ll know you’re there when you have to squeeze your way in through big limestone rocks either by kayak, paddleboard or sariling sikap ie: swimming.


Swapped out the kayak for a paddleboard a number of times. Great exercise and core work. The water is also a little cooler here, so it’s nice to take a dip and cool off. I always bring my swim goggles so I did a few laps as my defacto triathlon training for the day (yes, I am obsessed)



On the kayak again.


Waiting for the sun. Photo ops everywhere.


Standard issue equipment for snorkelling and exploring the islands’ rich marine life and underwater flora.



I literally caved in to the beauty of El Nido.

IMG_7570 IMG_7652 IMG_7653  IMG_7680

When in El Nido, be sure to try out staying in SPIN. I am sure the 75 bed designer hostel will both inspire and impress you with it’s own brand of hospitality and design atmosphere.

Spin Hostel Contact:
Mobile: 09175667746