Habitable Heritage City of Choice | Vigan #GoNorth

I’ve always wanted to spend time in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. This is not the first time I visited the heritage rich place, but the first time I really got to explore the sights, walk around and actually interact with the locals and learn about the culture up here. I drove of course, as I very much enjoy driving and it sure beats waiting in the car for hours at a time. Photos below of the places I visited, I wish I had more time and more photos of myself as always!

Left around midnight, and got to see the sunrise just when we finally arrived in Ilocos Sur. This moment alone made the trip I feel. Alright, maybe I exaggerate but it is beautiful. Vigan, being situated on the western coast has equally stunning sunsets.


Quirino bridge, built in honor of then president Elpidio Quirino traverses the Abra river and is actually right next to a newer, albeit less photogenic bridge used in replacement. I am just happy that the Quirino bridge was preserved as a tourist attraction.


Bridges give me a feeling of adventure, journeys and ultimately their amazing destinations. I used to hold my breath going through bridges for good luck as a kid, I doubt one could hold their breath through this one!


The instagram snob, Ino Caluza. Haha!


Competing for the best possible instagram shot!


Nestled between two beautiful mountains, the bridges are striking and awe-inspiring.


Almost forgot how hungry we were shooting all those bridge photos! It was time for breakfast! Arrived finally at Hotel Luna in Vigan which in my opinion is one of the best places to stay in the area. It places you smack dab in the middle of things with tasteful luxury to spare.






Quick inhalation of breakfast which consisted of the hotel’s famous Tapa, vigan longaniza, dried fish, breads, crispy bacon and lots of sinangag. Quick inspection of room and to wash up and get ready for a day of exploration!


High threadcount sheets, spotless room and fluffy pillows which I tempted me to take an hour nap! Haha! I like how the hotel is also environmentally friendly, always a good thing considering how water is such a valuable resource.


I’m getting this sinking feeling. Get it?


“Dirty” ice cream from the local sabatero!


Back in time indeed. A few streets are closed to vehicles to preserve the cobblestones, the local government has done an excellent job at keeping the place for future generations to be inspired.


I wanted to take a number of signages home.


Blue skies contrasted rust coloured doors.


Ash, the only actual photographer in our group was in his own world and totally in the zone. This is a rare occasion when he isn’t doing crazy camera moves!


God blessed our journey.


Beautiful image.


Calle Crisologo and two girls taking a break from the afternoon sun.


Kalesas! Great way to get around, hear about the history of the place and perhaps get cozy with somebody?


Going at own’s own pace.


Confessional. These are usually closed, interesting to see such exposed ones here.


Rare photo since I’m usually taking photos! Smiling it up.

DSCF9383 DSCF9387

So many interesting pieces in Lucy’s Antique Shop, thank you so much for the blanket! Great unexpected gift.


St. Augustine Church, or otherwise known as Bantay Church was next on the non-itinerary for sunset. Nice thing about Vigan is that all the sights, are very close to each other and make for good last minute stops. Great for the impulsive types, namely yours truly.


Bantay is also known for it’s Bell Tower, upon reaching the Belfry the sun was a watercolour mix of shades and hues.

DSCF9402 DSCF9405 DSCF9414

Took more photos, but cannot overload this post too much! Look at that sky, these are moments which make every trip worth it.


Enabling quotation for travel, learning and experience.


Last look. I feel I go a bit dizzy, hence the crooked photograph!


Inside Bantay Church. I always try to feel something in churches, I was moved in this one. Prayers and intentions, hopes and dreams.

DSCF9424 DSCF9426 DSCF9427 DSCF9431 DSCF9434

Back at the hotel, greeted by numerous artworks on walls. Also took a quick tour of the museum located inside the property which features a lot of our local artists including masters.

DSCF9438DSCF9443 DSCF9449

A chest from the galleon trade, owners were said to have lined the insides with bible pages in the hope that when a thief were to steal from one, he would see the pages and conscience would get the better of him.

DSCF9460 DSCF9461

Ino kept interrupting our guide, such a know it all! Haha!

DSCF9464 DSCF9472 DSCF9474 DSCF9475

Recommended stay in Ilocos would have to be about 5 days! So you can see more sights without feeling rushed! I spent a weekend.

When in Vigan, stay in Hotel Luna. http://hotelluna.ph/