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I, like millions of Filipinos have commuted my way around the metropolis and even to some provinces!  In high school, my friends and classmates all had their rides, which I didnt really envy since I didnt really have to be anywhere important at that time. Plus, I didnt have to worry about gas money or parking! This mindset of mine went well on until college, wherein I still took both the MRT and the LRT to get to DLSU everyday. The everyday commute, eventually got me dreaming about a car. To tell you honestly, the yearning for a set of wheels was inevitable. I was tired. Tired of having to deal with cramped riding spaces, the rush hour lines, and patting myself down for stored value cards. Id had enough! True, the savings made with choosing to take public transportation could prompt one to reconsider the big decision of purchasing a vehicle, but Id like to believe that as a person moves up in life, their time becomes even more valuable to themselves and to others. Time is a definite luxury and the ability to choose what to do with it is worth more than gold. A car gives an individual the opportunity to manage time.


A car is independence. It is freedom. The liberation from queuing up at a taxi lane, and the ability to act when an emergency (heaven forbid) should happen. One can also expect to be as safe in a car as they can be within their own home. These conveniences, luxuries coupled with safety, are yet more pros to add to the numerous benefits to owning a car. If you have read this far, Im sure youve already weighed the pros and cons of ownership.


Still, factoring in the downpayment, the monthly amortisation and all other expenses, including maintenance can seem very daunting especially to first-timer buyers. Besides the usual worries, there is also that doubt if your loan will be approved or not! See, it makes no difference if youre a college student or an accomplished businessman, that worry will always be present. Before, one would have to wait a week or two, or even longer to find out the decision. Nowadays however, it can be within 24 hours be it a loan for a brand new or used car! This type of convenience and efficient service given to borrowers is a refreshing change and is one of the many things why I appreciate BDO Auto Loan. Flexible terms are also given importance and can be tailored to your lifestyle and budget, with a minimum downpayment of 20% (brand new) or 30% (for used cars) one can be sure to drive off with a great deal. If you are also feeling more confident and/or want to lower your amortisation, you can simply increase your initial cash out.

So lets have a quick rundown.

Flexible payment terms that fit your budget, check!

Option for both brand new and used cars, check!

Fast loan processing. Approval within 24 hours, check!

Lower amortisation with increased initial cash out, check!

Payment convenience, check!

One other neat thing is that you can earn BDO Rewards Points with your BDO Auto Loan which can be redeemed at any SM Department store for items of your choice. Now hows that for sweetening the deal.

End of the day, some luxuries seem too lofty, extravagant and hard to reach. But I believe that BDO offers luxury within reach. To finally wake up in the morning, head to your garage and to start up the engine of the car you’ve always wanted and be filled with that feeling of confidence that you can go anywhere and anyplace.

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