Centrum | Immunity Helps One Lead An Active Lifestyle

I’ve been currently busy with a number of sports these past few months, I rediscovered my love for ice hockey and at the same time ventured into the world of triathlon (having recently done my first olympic distance triathlon in Bohol). That means I have already tested my swim, bike, and run ability individually and all at once! On the training side I have a non-serious/serious documented training log on instagram (#vsroadtotri) On top of that, I still regularly hit the gym for some much needed injury prevention and strengthening. It’s great to lead such an active lifestyle lately, I’ve noticed my mood has been very good and I find it easier to not sweat the small stuff. I’ve regained my early mornings as I wake up before the sunrise on some days of the week to train and it is also very calming to see the city when it is quiet and sleepy. I then hop in the shower and start off my day refreshed and ready for either taping, guesting, or events.




There are a lot of pros to always being on the go, getting a lot accomplished and ticking off your to-do list like a professional but one of the most important things that usually goes unchecked is making sure that your immune system is strong enough to keep you running throughout the day. What’s worse is when you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals, sapping you of energy and even immunity, severely affecting your productivity and momentum.


I personally would rather not take that risk and undermine weeks of training or miss out on opportunities/work that I could be doing if I were to get sick, just because I don’t have a strong immune system. Not everyone has the time or can eat an amount of food that can support all your nutritional needs to strengthen immunity, that’s why a multivitamin must be utilized to help complete your protection from sickness!


I personally feel, more comfortable with Centrum. A very established brand that has 30 years of nutritional science and over 100,000 patient years of exposure in clinical studies making it the world’s most studied multivitamin brand.

Centrum has a complete profile of vitamins  and minerals that help build immunity, like Vitamins C, A, and E, Betacarotene, Selenium, Zinc, and so much more. Immunity should be held at a high premium, since it is essentially your armor to help you perform your daily activities, meet deadlines, and accomplish the tasks before you. Having a strong immune system is step one to actualizing your dream of running a marathon, getting a fitter body or even just making sure that your vacation doesn’t end up with you cooped up in a hotel room nursing a cold.

Providing a range of health benefits with the vitamins and minerals, you can be sure to have the energy, immunity, healthy skin among others to power through that workout, have the energy to take on more tasks and essentially rocking whatever you do.

To help complete your nutrition and get multiple health benefits, choose Centrum. #BeComplete from A to Zinc at only P10 SRP daily! Take Centrum every day.