Schick | The Path To Smooth Lee feat: Ninja Academy!

There comes a time when a boy becomes a man and along with that the need to groom his facial hair! We’ve all been there, imagining a smooth, clean shave only to emerge out of one’s bathroom with rolled up pieces of tissue to cover up your hack job. Not smooth, not smooth at all! No need to go back in time and relive the horror! Schick is here to save you from the nicks and cuts and to keep you looking your best!!

I personally tried the Schick Exacta 2. It would just glide on my face and low and behold no cuts!  It’s really a convenient and rejuvenating experience in the morning.  The experience is even smoother and more refreshing if you use it with Schick Shave Guard. I can only imagine how much smoother and refreshing it would be if I’d used Schick Shave Guard! Available in all leading health and beauty stores, supermarket and drugstores as well! There are a number of Schick products suited to your lifestyle and needs!

Schick Quattro 4 Titanium – Features a titanium-coated blade for smooth shaves for less irritation. Rubber guard bar prepares skin before blade and a compact pivoting head follows contour and the ribbed grip makes it easier to suited for the task. Also features an edging blade on the back of the main razor for hard to reach spaces.

Schick Quattro Titanium Freestyle – Four titanium coated blades, and an edging blade for precise and more focused shaving . Has a lubricating strip with aloe, vitamin E and B-5. Waterproof and comes with one Energizer AAA battery for free!

Schick Exacta 2 – Easy to clean cartridges with a built-in lubricating strip which preps the face and lubricates during shaving! Combined with Shave Guard, the Exacta 2 system improves the performance for an optimum shave reducing the chances of chafing and razor burn!

Pretty cool and capable stuff! Anyway, the other week Schick invited a number of bloggers including myself to try out Free-running or parkour facilitated by the Ninja Academy over at the Gatorade hoops centre. They turned the place into a free running loop complete with elevated obstacles and balance beam like structures!

Here are photos!

 photo P1150028_zpsf3a139db.jpg
 photo P1150035_zpsfe08ddae.jpg
 photo P1150043_zpsfde4e21f.jpg
 photo P1150062_zps2b8147ad.jpg
 photo P1150072_zps1f58d44b.jpg
 photo P1150074_zps71427590.jpg
 photo P1150081_zps199b2d92.jpg
 photo P1150088_zpse5370301.jpg
 photo P1150103_zpsafda3a86.jpg
 photo P1150114_zps2455de81.jpg
 photo P1150119_zps284ecea8.jpg
 photo P1150121_zpsc6d3150a.jpg
 photo P1150139_zpsaf54829b.jpg
 photo P1150144_zps1e9fcff9.jpg
 photo P1150156_zps9f3e9518.jpg
 photo P1150161_zps955f3e89.jpg
 photo P1150163_zps0764e286.jpg
 photo P1150167_zps0747feef.jpg
 photo P1150170_zpsce9da6fe.jpg
 photo P1150181_zps68b50427.jpg
 photo P1150186_zps26803e0e.jpg
 photo P1150192_zps784e0def.jpg
 photo P1150195_zps3c76b90c.jpg
 photo P1150196_zps4efe9ab5.jpg
 photo P1150198_zps3df0d2a3.jpg
 photo P1150200_zpsa80a5383.jpg
 photo P1150207_zpsd27bc88d.jpg
 photo P1150210_zpsa284295e.jpg
 photo P1150214_zps6fa2b395.jpg

Aside from giving us guys the opportunity to be like #smoothlee and ninja like, Schick is also giving away a trip for 2 to Hong Kong and Macau or win 2 tablets up for grabs! How cool is that?!

Directions below: 

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