FINER DETAILS | Original Penguin Footwear & Accessories

What does Sinatra, Vampire Weekend, Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects, and the cast from the show Entourage have in common? Original Penguin! The gents aforementioned exude this country club cool without looking overly stuffy or preppy. Attitude is very much evident in the styles and details of Original Penguin clothing, as is its influences and the brand’s golf roots. This clear direction continues with Original Penguin’s footwear and accessories line. One can wear the collection and have a clear sense of how the designs were evolved from classic pieces such as tennis trainers, slip-ons, desert boots and brogues. Definitely Original and not derivative, Original Penguin deserves a sizeable portion of one’s shoe and accessory arsenal.

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The store looked like a mix of mid-century and a relaxed luxury feel to it with vignettes featuring the new offerings and vintage mementos such as typewriters and rotary telephones. Actual full-sized chairs (as opposed to benches) to try on their shoes was also very nice.

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Wearing their shoes could very well bring you from boardwalk to boardroom in a cinch. As well as from country club to catamaran with as much ease.

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I really liked the watches on NATO straps! For a casual yet informed style.

 photo pen-1140557_zps1d405bbd.jpg

This watch almost looks architectural, and has an understated yet versatile potential.

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Trainers, because who has time for laces when you’re off to complete your itinerary of the Cyclades!

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Complementing colors are a refreshing and sophisticated change from neons or monochromatic hues! I really liked the belts!

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I can imagine having my feet up (with these shoes of course) and purposely folding my favorite parts in a book to share!

 photo pen-1140541_zpsae553517.jpg
 photo pen-1140543_zps9d90eb9e.jpg

These were really comfortable and are very “normcore”

 photo pen-1140540_zps68b2adfa.jpg

Olive bag looked very mod-ish.

 photo pen-1140545_zpsdffd937e.jpg

Slip-ons for the summer. It’s always summer somewhere!

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 photo pen-1140535_zps962c0774.jpg

I liked this selection of shoes also, tried the one on the rightmost!

 photo pen-1140534_zpsace337a6.jpg

The smarter casual selection. These would look good with chinos or with shorts!

 photo pen-1140536_zps6c74a748.jpg

 Like I said, perfect for the boardwalk!

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Quality stuff without being overly pricey. Drop by and check out Original Penguin Footwear and Accessories!

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Glorietta 5, Ground Floor

Ayala Fairview Terraces, 2nd Floor