Being outdoors is such a luxury in Manila, especially if one lives in a condo. It just isn’t as simple as stepping out into your backyard to get a glimpse of nature or at least some greenery. That’s why when I learned where the P&G launch of Olay’s AquaAction and Pantene Aqua Pure would be, I knew I had to make the trip out considering how gorgeous the sunset and feel of Sofitel is. I believe it was the perfect place to showcase their new and innovative products.

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Always the early bird! I arrived sooner than I expected, and waited for Danielle (whom I was supposed to be chaperoning) The hotel staff were friendly and had a “welcome back” predisposition as I’d recently celebrated my birthday successfully at Sofitel.

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Postcard worthy if I should say so myself.

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Not so early after all, I saw very familiar faces.

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Uy, photo photo!

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Niccolo and his team were taking the official headshots that night.

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The theme that day was “fluid fashion” so I safely went with the color blue.

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Xandra, Bea and Danielle

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Jessica, Mike and Eric

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Mikyle and Dani

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There was a mini fashion show that accompanied the product reveal.

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Sanya Smith hosted the event, and discussed several advantages and breakthroughs the new line had to offer to women today. Nikki and Denise were very natural onstage which set the tone for the evening. I personally like it when the event actually discusses things or shares stories as opposed to sounding like a product pitch.

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Denise, candid. Her candid photos are better than my posed ones!

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It was great to see Nikki, who is always so refreshing to talk to. To those who know her well, she is very kwela.

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