STUDIO 54 | Ruffa’s Disco Glam Birthday Bash

The moment I saw the invite to Ruffa’s birthday, I knew I’d quickly be out of ideas of what to wear. You see, there’s a fine line between looking good and in theme, and looking like you rented a costume so I decided to tread lightly. Was my choice a hit or miss? Who knows? The ladies on the other hand I’m sure did their homework because they came in what appeared to be all the rage in 1978! Everybody looked great, and Ruffa truly was the star of the night looking like a hollywood glamourpuss! Incredible party!

 photo rparty-1130765_zpsea199f45.jpg

 photo rparty-1130751_zps22ef07f9.jpg
 photo rparty-1130744_zpse85e33c7.jpg
 photo rparty-1130748_zpsbe7557c7.jpg

 photo rparty-1130764_zpse1de3a79.jpg
 photo rparty-1130730_zps4563501b.jpg

 photo rparty-1130755_zps5ecb4ce9.jpg

 photo rparty-1130741_zps04088de4.jpg

A bashful Anton Aguila.

 photo rparty-1130740_zpsa6e0be00.jpg

Fit to print.

 photo rparty-1130742_zpsf1adbf90.jpg

Frank does not know the meaning of stagefright.

 photo rparty-1130736_zps2e48449f.jpg
 photo rparty-1130729_zps01f6778b.jpg

 photo rparty-1130731_zps2dbdcf1f.jpg
 photo rparty-1130728_zps06feb2bc.jpg
 photo rparty-1130727_zps841aacd7.jpg

Ruffa’s cake had a miniature sized Ruffa!

 photo rparty-1130726_zpsb9f63311.jpg

 photo rparty-1130762_zpsa5293c92.jpg

Always the life of the party!

 photo rparty-1130724_zpsd61e0c46.jpg
 photo rparty-1130718_zps4c508998.jpg

As you can tell, Ruffa is very much accustomed to being the center of attention!

 photo rparty-1130721_zpscb53e255.jpg
 photo rparty-1130710_zpse0c2e386.jpg
 photo rparty-1130720_zps2cd07d87.jpg
 photo rparty-1130716_zps54ef2d7e.jpg
 photo rparty-1130713_zps4ca13ee4.jpg

Furrowed brows.

 photo rparty-1130708_zpsc1ff077c.jpg
 photo rparty-1130709_zps206b632a.jpg

Charina in a very Halstonesque outfit.

 photo rparty-1130711_zps9a5aa1bc.jpg
 photo rparty-1130696_zps106b7527.jpg
 photo rparty-1130697_zpsc0b19d26.jpg
 photo rparty-1130700_zpsf79a6966.jpg
 photo rparty-1130705_zpsae957c62.jpg
 photo rparty-1130706_zps9121b38d.jpg
 photo rparty-1130698_zps686d0459.jpg

Happy happy birthday Ruffa!