LES BAGELS | Diet Tomorrow

Being as active as I am, I find myself feeling peckish at odd times of the day (case in point, right after merienda) Being in Mckinley Hill, I remembered reading that there was this great New York inspired bagel place headed by New York Native Chef Cuit Kaufman (Borough, Nolita). So when I spotted Tuscany from the road, I knew I had to make a quick detour. photo lesbagels-1130081_zps8c50a1b4.jpg

Immediately upon entering, I noticed that the sweets were front and center. At arm’s reach even!

 photo lesbagels-1130054_zps2cd2a4c3.jpg

Figured dessert would mess up my macros, I decided a bagel would be a better bet. Until I saw the cream cheese selection, oh well, minsan minsan lang naman. I might as well do a food review!

 photo lesbagels-1130055_zpsd94f41c6.jpg

What interested me right away were these two, the garlic and chive and bacon and cheddar.

 photo lesbagels-1130056_zps55f7aabe.jpg

then these… sundried tomato and basil sounds like a good one. Lox is a crowd favorite, Nova-style cold smoked salmon and cream cheese!

 photo lesbagels-1130057_zps6b891bcf.jpg

Of course the the bagels, which were numerous in variety. Plain, wheat, sesame seeds, you name it! Bagel care instructions also included.

 photo lesbagels-1130058_zps5a9c35de.jpg

The cream cheese offerings also listed, lest you forget.

 photo lesbagels-1130061_zps9c3023e5.jpg

I finally decided on the The L.E.S. Addiction which is a pumpernickle bagel with chived cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions and capers! The thing was massive. Like I was trying to overdose on cream cheese and carbs. Managed to finish all of it though!

 photo lesbagels-1130073_zps80ddfef0.jpg

Like I said. Not for the fainthearted. I felt I was going to grow a Williamsburg beard after chowing down on this oversized bagel sandwich.

 photo lesbagels-1130076_zps0a0764b3.jpg

The restaurant had a great feel and ambience. I dined during their quieter hours so service was very quick.

 photo lesbagels-1130059_zps29af5186.jpg

 photo lesbagels-1130062_zps43f6446d.jpg

No lack of plates here.

 photo lesbagels-1130063_zps49894046.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130064_zps0b8449a2.jpg

Tasteful decor. Nothing too theme-ish about the place.

 photo lesbagels-1130065_zps88aa0725.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130066_zpsf5116991.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130067_zps27744e26.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130068_zpsa42cb611.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130069_zpsb4d3a5e8.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130070_zpsa49f31f8.jpg
 photo lesbagels-1130071_zps9933f39a.jpg

Look at that beauty!

 photo lesbagels-1130075_zps18cdc9f9.jpg

 photo lesbagels-1130077_zpsd5a30240.jpg

This beauty too!

 photo lesbagels-1130078_zpsc49b64c2.jpg

 photo lesbagels-1130080_zpsb859e36e.jpg

Highly recommended. Bring your friends!

L.E.S. Bagels


PHONE: +632 804-0423

+63 915-2585685

ADDRESS: Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City