LIVE FOR NOW! | Original Penguin x Pepsi

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The launch of the Original Penguin x Pepsi LIVE FOR NOW Capsule collection was an exciting and suitably timed event, especially considering the World Cup Fever taking over many countries recently. (Brazil literally sounds like a warzone everytime their team scores a goal) The limited edition collection featured cutting-edge international artists with their designs linking the passion of football and art into the pieces. The attendees featured a mix of celebrities, athletes, bloggers, and media personalities.

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I was in very good company of course, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Kelly Misa and Maxene Magalona (all wearing Original Penguin)

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Foosball! I may have been a bit competitive that day. No spinning!

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A ton of photos after the cut.

JM Rodriguez loves football!

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I have the habit of availing things they have at events, case in point -the virtual graffiti wall where one can get creative and have your one of a kind piece printed as a souvenir!

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Almost everyone was armed that day (cameras) and snapping away at the ongoings of the party.

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Maxene was explaining something I think.

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JM’s “Can I take this jacket home” face.

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As with World Cup and football tradition, facepaint was offered for free!

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Maxene Deschanel?

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Festive and exciting designs on display.

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 photo pp-1217_zpsc436b44e.jpg
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Maggie, who I’m sure was getting material for her blog

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Chino! He hosted that day and was surprised by how wide this photo turned out when I showed it to him. (explains the expression)

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Liza Elarde-Cuenca always looking so stylish.

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Prizes won. Harumph I didn’t win! Sore loser much? Haha.

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The collection finally revealed!

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Click, click!

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Then along came a PARTY! The DJ turned up the energy by this time.

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World Cup Fever is here!

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Freestyle footballers joined the All Stars!

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The Azkals jumped in as well, not to be outdone!

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I had a great time! Thanks Original Penguin!

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