BURTON & DOROTHY PERKINS | Great British Style

I was invited to attend the launch of Burton which also coincided with the 10th anniversary of Dorothy Perkins in the Philippines. Not one to miss the opportunity to see what’s going on in the retail scene, I made my way over to SM Mega Fashion Hall to see what the new menswear store had to offer.

 photo bdp-1130302_zpsf9223bf9.jpg

Jacket on

 photo bdp-1000821_zpsaa2970ca.jpg

Jacket off

 photo bdp-1000813_zps5b78b11f.jpg

Manly refreshments were served of course

 photo bdp-1000825_zpsb647ea39.jpg

NIXDAMNP! provided the music for that afternoon

 photo bdp-1000837_zps8ea1fa1d.jpg

Kelly and Ana Gonzales

 photo bdp-1000828_zpsbbd4eb94.jpg

Great hairclub

 photo bdp-1000832_zps6514b748.jpg

I arrived a little earlier than everyone so I took a peek at what the models would be wearing for the fashion show downstairs.

 photo bdp-1130333_zpsdf8006cd.jpg

Lots of great textures and prints

 photo bdp-1130374_zpsfbc3670f.jpg

Who says summer is over?

 photo bdp-1130375_zps6266a197.jpg

Got back to the party and was impressed with the attention to detail, right down to the menu

 photo bdp-1130372_zpsed403206.jpg

A great looking tee

 photo bdp-1130373_zpsf9922c88.jpg

Saturday staples

 photo bdp-1130308_zpsb3c1a32a.jpg

Sunday best

 photo bdp-1130314_zps758c903f.jpg

In true mod fashion, an olive parka was in order

 photo bdp-1130330_zpsb55da26e.jpg

The smart section of the store

 photo bdp-1130310_zpsc17b5122.jpg

I loved that hoodie, will be back for it

 photo bdp-1130305_zpsd7517426.jpg

Maggie and Divine

 photo bdp-1130370_zps28fa17e8.jpg photo bdp-1130304_zpsc3ea093e.jpg

Recognize the shirt?

 photo bdp-1000841_zpsec61de51.jpg

 photo bdp-1000824_zpscf862b3c.jpg

 photo bdp-1000842_zps6e6ac63c.jpg

Paul the PR Guy

 photo bdp-1000844_zpsfa23e7fb.jpg

Shamelessly joining and winning the contest!

 photo bdp-1000855_zps84eec518.jpg


 photo bdp-1000856_zps5eccabb1.jpg

Photome too!

 photo bdp-1000857_zpsa37da2fe.jpg

 photo bdp-1130352_zps910ac6ca.jpg

Outfits were well-documented that day

 photo bdp-1000862_zps13a7f55f.jpg

Not only by the press but by the guests as well!

 photo bdp-1000865_zpsf543a1da.jpg

“Nice shot”

 photo bdp-1000868_zps25226cc1.jpg

The Dorothy Perkins side had all sorts of confectioneries which I could hardly resist

 photo bdp-1000869_zpsb3b6fa83.jpg

 photo bdp-1000870_zps012ee834.jpg

 photo bdp-1000834_zps593a28bf.jpg

History of the brand, style influences, and most importantly… another contest!

 photo bdp-1000871_zpsc8c15f28.jpg

Paul got one!

 photo bdp-1000878_zpsd1737bd0.jpg

Divine did too! Tingnan mo, ang saya niya diba?

 photo bdp-1000880_zpse70c36b5.jpg

Models escorted us towards the main hall where the show would be underway, nice touch.

 photo bdp-1000885_zps5a3dff71.jpg
 photo bdp-1000888_zps1fbc0bb9.jpg

So much easier to imagine the clothes on oneself when seen on models beforehand.

 photo bdp-1000892_zps06bcbe08.jpg
 photo bdp-1000895_zps23d6798f.jpg

 Tito Jackie and I

 photo bdp-1000901_zpsef9c138c.jpg

Ladies first

 photo bdp-1000904_zpse554670c.jpg
 photo bdp-1000908_zps74ef68d0.jpg
 photo bdp-1000909_zps78fbbf19.jpg
 photo bdp-1000910_zps412a831a.jpg
 photo bdp-1000913_zpse70b94c9.jpg
 photo bdp-1000920_zpsadb0b57d.jpg
 photo bdp-1000922_zps56e4eed7.jpg
 photo bdp-1000927_zps6fbd1dc4.jpg
 photo bdp-1000934_zps305920e4.jpg
 photo bdp-1000939_zps7d16da02.jpg
 photo bdp-1000949_zpse7759780.jpg
 photo bdp-1000956_zps494d4ab8.jpg
 photo bdp-1000961_zps84c3f063.jpg

Checking out the girls’ reaction to the pieces. Photobomb by Dani Barretto

 photo bdp-1000963_zpsc6397a06.jpg
 photo bdp-1000965_zps2b39d450.jpg

The trousers were cut a bit high, which in my opinion only works well on slimmer men. Case in point.

 photo bdp-1000971_zpse8c30088.jpg
 photo bdp-1000974_zps0a5ad646.jpg

I liked this shade of blue
 photo bdp-1000977_zps9beb010d.jpg

The finale

 photo bdp-1000980_zpsd2f4d0f6.jpg

I like smiling eyed models, changes the mood don’t you think?

 photo bdp-1000981_zps7c4dac2a.jpg
 photo bdp-1000987_zps240794c5.jpg
 photo bdp-1000989_zps1bdc3a04.jpg

This photo took about 5 minutes because of the number of other cameras being handed to the guy taking the picture!

 photo bdp-1000990_zps00c5c895.jpg

Burton is definitely going to be go-to when it comes to casual weekend wear, maybe even the jacket to wear on nights out. Will see in the coming months and collections! Thank you RSSI for inviting Divine and I!

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