Celebrating my 20something | A Surprise Sofitel Party

Sofitel is a pretty special and memorable place for me. It’s like one of those places that no matter how many things change, it’s a place one can go to and have a good time or get some well needed R&R. Also, it’s where I used to go swimming occassionally when I was a kid, as well as hit golfballs lousily into the sea and pretend I knew the difference between a 9 iron and a driver. Like I said, good times. It was also the place where I attended this one of a kind reggae fest, and somehow ended up in the pool that same night! My good friends, Wyanet and Adrian also had their wedding reception here after tying the knot. Sofitel is also the place where I used to go for sunsets when contemplating the state of my lovelife then. Oh, and I also got very close to this amazing woman that same time 😉

Enough nostalgia!  Here are the photos from my “surprise” birthday party last June 6th
 photo bday-1340_zpse49985a7.jpg

The early birds! I was early of course and was surprised that there was an actual party setup, I thought we were just having sunset drinks! I like celebrating birthdays not because I want to get gifts or have an occasion in my name but rather to brings friends together who are nowadays too busy to see each other because of work, distance, or other obligations. Senti ba? Thank you Divine for putting this together, I found out how stressed you were about it after nalang!
 photo bday-1346_zpsb1fb489b.jpg

Oddly reminded me of an oven. Or a gigantic poring (you know, like the ones from Ragnarok) Caught a quick sunset as we arrived a little later than we’d hoped because of the traffic from the Taylor Swift concert perhaps?
 photo bday-1355_zps0f6ef67e.jpg

Day to nightvision
 photo bday-1365_zps3a18ddc5.jpg

Kara, yours truly, and Ivan
 photo bday-1369_zps5db58efe.jpg

It was great my cousin Mikko and Gab made it
 photo bday-1388_zps5ce00e57.jpg

Group slowly grew with people arriving
 photo bday-1390_zpsc8e6b89f.jpg

After cocktails, everyone was ready for dinner but not without “oh picture picture” first
 photo bday-1395_zps801776e4.jpg

Divine was dressed also for the occasion, donning flats as opposed to her usual choice of height
 photo bday-1400_zps71456b48.jpg

Viktor Jeans and friends. He arrived late but somehow managed to catch up with the merrymaking incredible quickly. Headed inside for dinner, yes Sofitel set up a second venue for the party! Talk about putting in time and effort!
 photo bday-1407_zps7b17ea6a.jpg

Ben, Mikko and Gab
 photo bday-1436_zps07798855.jpg

Two of the nicest people I know, have never heard backtalk from them ever. I was so happy Rowie and Duncan could make it!
 photo bday-1438_zpsedc2a15c.jpg

The start of Ino’s early packup. Just kidding Ino! So happy you made it!
 photo bday-1446_zps02fead5d.jpg

Like I said. Haha, party on!
 photo bday-1464_zps93f85d71.jpg

Divine and Elmer found the croquembouche! This was my sole request for my birthday, not for a party or anything like that. Very cool
 photo bday-1472_zpsd5dd15fd.jpg

Ino deep in thought, photo taking, and Sonny’s face
 photo bday-1473_zps63c2d832.jpg

Wondering why the top creampuff looks suspiciously different!
 photo bday-1482_zps0aec4096.jpg

Silly siblings! Danes and the twins!
 photo bday-1516_zps44e28673.jpg

Yong and Speedy! Cheers gents!
 photo bday-1531_zps4350fe30.jpg

Yours truly with Eboy (who is an amazingly talented architect)
 photo bday-1533_zps0ea6318f.jpg

Photo please!
 photo bday-1542_zpsbd0666da.jpg

Florence, Theresa and Nix.
 photo bday-1548_zps67fffd70.jpg

Rajo and Will (who is putting up a trapeze school at BGC!) with D and I! (my hair was unruly that day)
 photo bday-1552_zpsafaf8f65.jpg

The pa-pogi face of Sonny!
 photo bday-1562_zps9dd21e0a.jpg

I was so touched by everyone who made it! Also for the gifts, even if all I wanted was your presence! ( not presents! baka mali lang pagkarinig) Also thank you to Sofitel for making my birthday so memorable and special, and for always being a special place for Divine and I. It was an immense night of catching up, superb food, good music since I was “spinning” and great company.

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