Word of Advice | The Way to Find Each Other Again (Naks!)

Finding each other again. The phrase itself is so hopeful, idealistic and definitely romantic. It brings to mind, well my mind at least a person being lost at sea and suddenly finding the lighthouse which will then lead you back to shore. Melodramatic, but such is the case when yearning for feelings of the past when one really should be looking to enjoying, appreciating, and experiencing the love that is present. I am, by no means an expert on this sort of thing. But hopefully by this post I can share a little thing or two I know about the mystery that has brought about many a chick-flick.


Being with my girlfriend has been great, we share a lot of common interests despite our seemingly different personalities. She, the outgoing, outspoken and vibrant person. While I, the more imperceptible and careful with words one. Yet somehow, we’ve influenced each other positively to gain the traits of one another. But I suppose the reason for this may be that old saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell who you are” or to something of that extent. I say this because that’s exactly what Divine and I are, first and foremost we are incredibly good friends in addition to being significant others. It’s the reason why it just works.


We talk to each other like friends, oftentimes sounding like pals arguing on who gets the last slice of pizza or who gets to choose which channel to watch. If I see something I don’t like, I call it out. Also if she doesn’t agree with my opinion, she says it likewise. Being open and speaking to each other as individuals best irons out any misunderstandings.

I watched this really sweet video http://youtu.be/UswehbXFNsI and I really saw that no matter how small or simple the surprise, making the effort can show your partner that you really appreciate them. Flowers, a handwritten note, or cooking works! Kahit na hindi masarap yung niluto niyo, sigurado maappreciate niya yan!


There is no magic formula or secret guide to be read or applied, just keep listening to one another, remember that being friends help set the foundations for your being together. Talk to each other, laugh, text, talk (whenever you feel like saying “I love you” at any given moment, do it. I shouldn’t matter where you are) and smile a lot! Being on the same page is huge for couples! Also, don’t forget that you’ve already found each other that will give you the faith to get through any stormy weather so long as you’re sailing in the same boat. 

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