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photo 1_zps94f6193c.jpg Ice hockey is definitely my favourite sport, not only because it was predominantly the only sport that I’ve played since I was 12 years old (see photo above, the one on the left!) but because of the skill, practice, dedication, wits, and speed needed to excel at it. I mean, first you have to know how to skate, handle a puck, avoid getting knocked down by an opposing team, and then when the rare chance opens up when you can shoot the puck, you have to then defeat a goalie who takes up more than half of the net! Those are a few reasons to begin with!

(some photos of the old rink at SM Megamall)

photo 3_zps2094aff5.jpg

In case some of you are wondering, that structural post used to be part of a much larger DJ booth back when the rink first opened up. Yes, one had to skate around it. It was like a permanent defenseman!

photo 2_zps152896f1.jpg

I suppose the fact that being in Manila where frozen lakes are unheard of also made the notion of speeding across the ice while whacking a little rubber disk into a goal sounded like a really cool idea not to mention a fun game.

photo 4_zps0ec6dc19.jpg

Oh, and who could ever forget the famous Disney movies Champions… 

photo cmpns_zps15a11d46.jpg

…and The Mighty Ducks! Knucklepuck! Hahaha! These films really inspired a lot of the earlier players to try out the sport!

photo d2-the-mighty-ducks-movie-poster-1994-1020265394_zps9c0b18f4.jpg

photo ducks_zps316f3905.jpg

Anyway, before I keep talking about the Wingers, the SM Ice Skating Rink in Cebu, or some other dated reference, let me talk about today’s scene!

With the winter olympics recently concluded, wherein Canada grabbed the gold for Men’s (and Women’s) hockey. I suddenly wondered what was happening with our local league. Having skated a few weeks prior, I caught up with one of my old teammates (since 1995) Bong Pestañas and asked how things were going on the local level. He said that the games were fairly regular with a regular season as well as playoffs! I wondered, olympics na ba yung next target? So with every intention to start playing again, I made my way over to the SM Mall of Asia to check out how the guys today play, checking out the competition!photo L1100084_zpsa24d1ccf.jpg

I caught the Mustangs vs Omni match, and snapped away!

photo L1100097_zpsa7587092.jpg

Fighting for the loose puck!

photo I31B8231_zpsd174c1cd.jpg

Nice to see the intensity of the game again!

photo I31B8233_zps3e2006c6.jpg

photo I31B8235_zps864c0267.jpg

photo I31B8219_zps3a7b67b2.jpg

The goalie watching the play on the other end of the ice.

photo I31B8230_zpsced23d1c.jpg

The referees were very competent and made good calls, but in a game this fast-paced some fouls may have slipped by them. photo I31B8237_zps6aa79540.jpg

I would say that there’s contact during the games, but it’s a good sportsmanlike kind -to get to the puck, and not to send your opponent flying across the ice.

photo I31B8241_zps1797fbae.jpg

Mustangs made the first goal of the night, while Omni was on a powerplay no less!

photo I31B8261_zpsf395960a.jpg

To which Mike Wang (#9) of Omni quickly replied by sending one into the net!

photo I31B8268_zpsc1121349.jpg

It’s great seeing the teamwork the teams showed, the seamless line changes and speed of the game!

photo I31B8227_zpsb492b742.jpg

On the breakaway!

photo I31B8269_zps20aa5aff.jpg

Rejected by the goalie!

photo I31B8275_zpsa051a83c.jpg

photo L1100099_zps7513f734.jpg

Scrambling for possession. 

photo I31B8285_zps2e81cf07.jpg

Protecting the puck.

photo I31B8292_zps52b3754e.jpg

The Mustangs’ goalie making sure he knows where the puck is.

photo L1100098_zpsa650dd27.jpg

In this game you only have a few moments to decide what to do, pass, dump, or take it over the neutral zone!

photo I31B8208_zps7127993d.jpg

You really have to earn your space on the ice!

photo I31B8314_zps6f430e26.jpg

Playing your position properly is a real deciding factor if your team wins or loses! No room for puckhogs here!

photo I31B8226_zpsbf1f1f49.jpg

Now that’s a breakaway!

photo I31B8318_zpsd8f2b07d.jpg

Omni coming into the neutral zone.

photo I31B8322_zps0a28f103.jpg

and into the offensive zone.

photo I31B8342_zpsb369055a.jpg

Ended up just watching the game, so by this time I already put down my camera! Haha!

photo L1100109_zps96461cff.jpg

Amazing to see the game live and breathe in the sport again! Looking forward to playing next season! Games are now played Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! Awesome! Catch them around 8:30pm at the SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink!

If anybody’s interested in learning how to play ice hockey. You can contact these numbers below.

Mall of Asia 556-0469

Southmall 800-0426

and check SM Ice Skating’s Facebook Page here.

If you’ve played in the past and are looking to get back into it, check out..

Hockey Philippines’ official site, home of the Manila Ice Hockey League.

Manila Ice Hockey League Facebook Page here.

…and to find out who won this match and the schedule of other matches check out the MIHL League Lineup page here