A Pleasant Surprise | Converse

Earlier today, right after having lunch I noticed a box arrived for me. As I wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered, I inspected the package closer and saw that it came from Shanghai! Hey, this must be the package from my new buddy Jason! So I opened it up…

photo P1030709_zps1463a34c.jpg

Figured it was Converse sneakers (of course) and guessed they would be Chuck Taylor All-Stars just by gut feel. The weight was a little heavier than expected, I then thought ah, baka Jack Purcells….

photo P1030710_zpsa47b7985.jpg

Then upon closer inspection…

photo P1030711_zps289a6745.jpg

Oh man! Is this what I think it is?! Yes! Converse x NBHD! Unbelievable!

photo P1030712_zps18aa126b.jpg


photo P1030714_zpsc30e8bd6.jpg

The rear lattice is supposed to signify NEIGHBORHOOD’s love for motorcycle culture! These really feel premium, and have a bit of heft to them but in no way cumbersome.

photo P1030719_zpsf1a3e19d.jpg

I’ve only seen this on streetwear blogs but never thought I’d get my hands on a pair! It’s insane! These really feel like a whole another sneaker. The detail put into these are tremendous, not to mention extra comfortable considering the upgraded sole. There’s more info below about the pair besides my glowing review of them!

photo P1030715_zpsc3e515ad.jpg

Still the same, classic you know but with a few little upgrades…

photo P1030716_zpse6e8bcd8.jpg

Metal eyelets, canvas lining, clean white midsole, extra set of contrast laces, NEIGHBORHOOD branded lace tips.and a softer and a more supportive sole that drive the fact that these sneakers aren’t just pretty but are also meant to be worn -and for a long time!

photo P1030720_zps7ebddb93.jpg

Late of last year, Converse announced the release of their collaboration with Tokyo based lifestyle brand NEIGHBORHOOD. As expected, the style and shape of the two releases (namely the Jack Purcell Johnny mid, and the All Star Chuck ‘70 Ox) go virtually unchanged save for the extra attention to detail and unmistakably premium additions to the classic pair.

photo P1030724_zps9ef4ea7f.jpg

I like their colour as well, a kind of deep purple-bluish thing that at first glance you don’t know how to wear them but the clean white sole makes sure they pretty much go with everything.

photo P1030721_zpse4943f46.jpg

Here are some photos lifted off the official site! Talk about clean!

photo 1neighbor_zps3e43dd29.jpg

Something tells me these babies are going to be in constant circulation for a long time! photo 2neighbor_zps83633875.jpg

So awesome!  Thanks Jason! Big up to you! You the man!

photo P1030730_zps1f3fab7c.jpg