Nokia Lumia 1020 | Leave The Hulking DSLR At Home

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The Nokia Lumia 1020, at first you look at the phone and it’s like one of those phones you’re not quite sure of. First of all it’s yellow, yes yellow! Which.. is kind of… let’s just put it this way who in their right mind would choose a phone that’s yellow? But honestly after how many days of use, the color starts to grow on you. Maybe it’s just refreshing after having black or metallic phones.

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Let’s skip the outward appearances for now as well as the other phone features because through the lens is where the magic really happens. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a whopping 41MP pureview lumia camera, which is just waiting to be used and to quote unquote replace your DSLR! Below are a few shots from various situations so that you can be the judge.

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The dynamic range on its sensor is great, though one experiences a little bit of lag when shooting it’s forgivable when realizing you can digitally crop to your heart’s content.

photo WP_20131228_00_02_33_Pro_zps178021e5.jpg

A little lowlight test during a charming Nokia dinner.

photo WP_20131218_05_08_53_Pro_zpsa4d01c21.jpg

Morning gloom seems to look artistic and deliberate.

photo WP_20131214_14_45_58_Pro_zpsbaf829c7.jpg photo WP_20131213_23_36_23_Pro_zps5fd78488.jpg

How many of you guys have stood up from your non-window seat inflight to snap a few shots?

photo WP_20131210_12_59_56_Pro_zpsf9ddd51a.jpg

More lowlight.

photo WP_20131209_17_39_32_Pro_zpsb2eb4680.jpg

Hotel lobby photo! Handing your phone to someone to take a picture also doesn’t spell disaster or out of focus shots since it’s easy enough for anyone to use. DSLRs usually require further instructions to get at the very least a decent photo.

photo WP_20131209_17_01_47_Pro_zpse2452bbc.jpg

Casual shots outside a car window.

photo WP_20131208_15_00_51_Pro_zps4fb0668f.jpg

I really enjoy the wide field of view the camera gives 25mm @ 16:9 aspect ratio with Carl Zeiss optics with the widest aperture at f/2.2. It’s not as wide as let’s say an action sports camera but there is obviously less distortion to post process.

photo WP_20131208_14_58_15_Pro_zps78d97031.jpg photo WP_20131208_14_54_52_Pro_zps923cc688.jpg

Simple street shots can easily be fit to print!

photo WP_20131208_11_59_36_Pro_zpsf643fe7e.jpg photo WP_20131208_11_48_59_Pro_zps7dedff4e.jpg

The phone also encourages one to shoot considering it’s so small and doesn’t make you feel like you’re carrying Fort Knox with all your expensive lenses and gear. More shots and definitely more keepers.

photo WP_20131207_04_26_31_Pro_zps88dcf096.jpg

Perfect tool for food blogs too, without disturbing fellow diners. Listed macro focus is at 15cm, though I didn’t have a tape measure with me I felt that the camera had a little trouble focusing at that distance.

photo WP_20131207_04_03_25_Pro_zps3ddee9cd.jpg

At the Grove, Nokia was having an event which I walked over to get a closer look and photo and was spotted by one of the emcees and won a wireless charger kit!

 photo P1020775_zps3a8dc3d0.jpg

 photo I31B6320_zps568a8905.jpg

photo WP_20131207_03_30_31_Pro_zps6782ba44.jpg

They also gave me some stickers with my photo, haha!

 photo I31B6317_zps2a655a80.jpg

XBOX One, cleared out.

photo WP_20131130_00_19_01_Pro_zps6d8f5ce5.jpg photo WP_20131128_03_01_41_Pro_zpsccee99d8.jpg photo WP_20131128_02_00_45_Pro_zps7c3fe4a3.jpg photo WP_20131128_01_58_10_Pro_zpsc9c3eabf.jpg photo WP_20131127_07_42_46_Pro_zps652d5eed.jpg

My buddy Pancho, candidly shot.

photo WP_20131122_07_51_14_Pro_zps89812618.jpg

Better weather this time, don’t mind the “not bad” face.

photo WP_20131122_07_18_14_Pro_zpsfd9a487c.jpg

Details seem to pop out at you, the images the camera produces may be a bit contrasty to some but I like it.

photo WP_20131121_23_48_58_Pro_zps12d68b22.jpg

More of the stock photo look. I say that in a good way, meaning the images are good enough to license out!

photo WP_20131121_22_44_47_Pro_zpsacef71c9.jpg

All in all I believe the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great addition to your existing camera gear, though it is convenient and discreet for shooting, the lag one experiences with the software leaves more to be desired. You can use this for casual shots, street snaps or portraits. If you are looking to shoot sports or lowlight images, one still needs the more robust DSLR systems or mirrorless cameras. But I’m being unfair aren’t I? This is one camera that you will always have on you, and the habit of seamlessly sharing online or storing straight to your Skydrive encourages one to keep shooting, be it for personal, work, or social media usage.