Casually Sunny | Rushing To Lunch

photo I31B6960_zps298dfdcc.jpg

After a night of merrymaking, I completely forgot I reserved for lunch at Balesin’s “Fish Fun” (it’s a seafood restaurant on stilts where kids/kids at heart can also try their fisherman skills and have their catch prepared as their meal) So I haphazardly put these clothes on and was off to make it to my reservation, and shot a few of these photos while on the way!

photo I31B6961_zps4190c92d.jpg

The 9Five shades go well with the shirt, right, right? I also donned the shorts so I could easily pop into the pool when the temperature rises. 

photo I31B6966_zpsa2822285.jpg

Guess Shirt | bright neon shorts | slippers

photo I31B6963_zps2e5e583c.jpg

I like how it isn’t screaming a logo, which is great at the beach which is supposed to be time to relax.

photo I31B6962_zps4d8c557c.jpg