Sunsoaked | January Jonesing For The Beach

photo sunsoaked_zps9d3fef34.jpgAfter spending a chilly early December in New York, I was so excited to be back and definitely ready to enjoy the tropical weather again. No more thermals, no more scarves! Here’s what I wore during on one of the days of my island excursion!photo I31B6752_zps03a12c4f.jpg

Shirt by GUESS | Shorts by Cotton On | Shoes by Native | Diver’s Watch

photo I31B6765_zpseb4274c1.jpg

I like wearing long sleeved shirts at the beach because 1) I don’t like wearing sunscreen because it feels greasy 2) I never liked wearing sandos to lunch and 3) it lets me keep my cool better than when wearing the aforementioned (even a tee so long as the right fabric and color is chosen). Paired with beachscape shorts so I don’t look like such a square!

photo I31B6768_zps8e6d9f55.jpgI really like this shirt from Guess, it’s got screenprinted stripes done on very breathable material. Perfect for the sunny weather!

photo I31B6761_zps56666a95.jpg