New Year’s Eve at 71 Gramercy!

photo P1020831a_zpsfff35437.jpg

New Year! New beginnings and a renewed enthusiasm for a better year to come! Celebrated the end of a year and the start of a new one in the highest restaurant and sky lounge in the country! Dubbed 71 Gramercy, the New York style club is atop the highest skyscraper in Manila.

It was an awesome experience to see the fireworks all around us while counting down the New Year! Took some photos to remember it all!

photo P1020929_zpsc88af17f.jpgphoto P1020890_zpsac00dd46.jpgphoto P1020910_zpsf2e12fcb.jpgphoto P1020866_zps62dce4e1.jpgphoto P1020901_zps8dd3e7de.jpgphoto P1020808_zpsa4014d3a.jpgphoto P1020852_zps7a9940fa.jpgphoto P1020857_zps75d7cb59.jpgphoto P1020843_zps1b179371.jpgphoto P1020923_zpsb0318987.jpgphoto P1020925_zps65d59a9c.jpgphoto P1020871_zps815facee.jpgphoto P1020916_zpsdaa74c9b.jpgphoto P1020920_zpsaa05c1f2.jpgphoto P1020930_zps211ecb1f.jpgphoto P1020896_zpsf9755039.jpgphoto P1020870_zps0688d29e.jpgphoto P1020905_zps39e6c4ef.jpgphoto P1020940_zps0f91c424.jpgphoto P1020853_zps7780cc84.jpg

Sparklers and champagne, and seeing people who have been so busy this year! Excellent party! The fellows behind 71 Gramercy are the same people behind Opus and Prive (Erik Cua, Tim Yap, Louie Ysmael, GP Reyes, Carlo Miguel) + Euric Lumanog (DJ Euric), Fabinho Ide, Carlo Trillo (Fiamma), Raj Sadhwani (Distillery / Draft / Imperial) and Raymond Gutierrez.

photo P1020830_zps2f9d352b.jpg