On Full Blast! | Berocca at Hyve

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Berocca threw a really great party at Bonifacio Global City a few days back, reiterating the fact that one can really be on full blast despite hectic schedules with their delicious orange/citrussy effervescent tablet packed with B-vitamins + vitamin C + zinc amongst others. A slew of DJs took the crowd from relaxed cocktails to getting everyone pumped with their own brand of top 40 mixes and hip-hop mashups.

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Everybody looked fresh and ready to hit the dance floor.

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Selfieee. photo L1080340_zps7f16f4a2.jpg

Wave 89.1 DJs Julia Quisumbing and Ron Poe

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These fellows need no introduction! Always great to see the trio out on the town!

photo L1080344_zps7d89c236.jpg

On full blast!

photo L1080334_zps86918640.jpg

Melissa Ricks and Jed Madela hanging out

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Dj Ron Poe, Sam YG and Slick Rick horsing around.

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Mico Palanca and Troy Montero

photo L1080353_zpsfe11334c.jpg

These guys were dispensing water and Berocca in cups to keep everyone #OnFullBlast! 😉 no hangover tomorrow

photo L1080354_zps132e6f10.jpg

All of the lights!

photo L1080362_zpsd226340b.jpg

Such a great vibe from everyone that night, must be the Berocca yesss!

photo L1080365_zps92263cb4.jpg

They also gave out a bunch of prizes including an iPad Mini!

photo L1080338_zpsaeb4a7c2.jpg


photo L1080371_zpsb2c723a1.jpg

Dani Castaño and Jay-R 

photo L1080372_zps24818868.jpg

Eri Neeman, Dimples Romana with her hubby and the awesome Berocca people!

photo L1080373_zps082b53b6.jpg

“Trust me and do what I say, I’m with the Party Crew – DJ Tina Ryan”

photo L1080377_zpsce25f19a.jpg

Yehehes! Moment ni DJ Tonytoni!

photo L1080382_zps1e02271a.jpg

One year free Berocca! Super envious!

photo L1080383_zpsd53fbe87.jpg

The quartet one by one explaining why the ladies should go for them, kidding they were just talking about game mechanics!

photo L1080386_zps1ec462b0.jpg

Divine, super competitive!

photo L1080396_zps9e0fee2c.jpg

Smiles all around!

photo L1080400_zps71b2a460.jpg

What a night! Pretty epic, and I love how the whole LED installation at Hyve was set to green to match the party host. Congratulations to Berocca Performance for a job well done, hassle free entrance into the club plus free-flowing drinks and refreshments. I feel kind of bad that this is the last of their party series, looking forward to next set! Complete attendance ako jan sigurado! Haha!

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