Day(s) In the Life Of | Fujifilm Instax Neo Classic is here!

photo I31B4814_zps6a168bdd.jpg

I’ve been very curious about the Fujifilm Instax Neo Classic considering it’s aesthetic appeal and instantly gratifying experience of having an actual physical photo which you can treasure or gift to someone as opposed to a digital copy that has such a slim chance of being printed considering the prolific use of smartphones, and social media sharing nowadays. The sense of permanency one gets from using the camera is nostalgic and endearing, keeping treasured memories in a I31B4824_zpse934f533.jpg

I also eventually appreciated the slower pace of photography since having a limited amount of Instax film meant that I had to think of my shots more and upon realization that I was using a legit film camera also made my subjects really appreciative of being in the photos! (although rivalry on who gets the group photo can get pretty fierce) When shooting a big group, best to take two or more photos to give out. Which leads me to how having an actual physical photo come out of your new Instax Neo Classic camera is great at parties, it’s a conversation starter, the design really turns heads, and easily just makes people I31B4805_zps92c20aa9.jpg

The capable camera has so many new features, such as double exposure, “party” mode, Bulb, macro, kids (for fast moving subjects ie: makulit) landscape and flash on/off mode. I also particularly liked that the new camera also has a threaded hole to place it on a tripod (as seen above) or similar mounts to give you really unique angles and photos!

Anyway, here’s what I shot with it! Enjoy!

photo neo5_zps7f9d4554.jpgphoto neo3_zps2a4d387d.jpg photo neo2_zps6d94c706.jpg

photo neo4_zps78cd7e79.jpg photo neo1_zps53df3a5e.jpgphoto neo6_zpse5cf4c0b.jpg

Had so much fun with the Instax Neo Classic! For those interested, the retail price is Php 8,980 and is available at most leading camera stores in the Metro.


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