BTS | Pedro Calungsod : Batang Martir

photo I31B4366_zps0d498e80.jpg

Not to spoil anything for anyone planning to watch the movie, but I am just very excited to be part of such a monumental film. I brought along my camera as waiting is a pre-requisite of an actor’s job, and figured I could snap up some interesting images given the uniqueness and remoteness of our location. I play a priest by the way, which is very much close to my real personality I think 😀 Enjoy the photos, and hope everyone gets to catch Pedro Calungsod : Batang Martir when it comes out!

photo I31B4368_zps5c2de415.jpg photo I31B4377_zpsa5bfd63a.jpg photo I31B4382_zpsd587f0ac.jpg photo I31B4390_zps29308e37.jpg photo I31B4396_zpsdd28dc23.jpg photo I31B4404_zps2cbf703f.jpg photo I31B4414_zps869a6f49.jpg photo I31B4421_zps9034de34.jpgphoto I31B4489_zps80d71183.jpg photo I31B4426_zps118552fc.jpg photo I31B4430_zpseabd57d7.jpg photo I31B4433_zps72f4522a.jpg photo I31B4436_zps05510aff.jpg photo I31B4477_zps191f626c.jpg photo I31B4483_zpsc2b75e8a.jpgphoto I31B4490_zps14a56875.jpg