Free Full Tank of Gas | Globe Rewards Points as Cash!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have an occupation that affords and at the same time requires me to sometimes go off to far-flung places that offer a great change of scenery from the usual cityscape of Manila. Long, contemplative “road trips” that perfectly match the music of Bon Iver, The Decemberists and the new Devendra album.

photo I31B3169_zps2acbc27c.jpgEn route to Subic via I31B3187_zpscec8b74a.jpg

HUD (Heads Up Display) to monitor speed.

photo I31B3063_zps7bae9566.jpg

Motorcades to thank supportive fans and viewers of My Husband’s Lover

photo I31B3876_zps0edf9aa1.jpg

While sometimes it’s back to the daily traffic grind.

photo I31B4600_zps42e4ec4c.jpg

That’s why it’s no surprise that sometimes I oftentimes get jolted by intrusive “low fuel” protestation beeps from my trusty whip. Limited cruising distance has once again instantly turned the freedom ride into a fight to get to the nearest gas station. 

In your mind you’re thinking, “Gas-tos nanaman" then you remember that you still have Globe Rewards points which can be used to at least extend your joyride. Text "BAL” to 4438 and voila! Points available reports, 1 point = 1.00 Php!

photo I31B4836_zps528c07c1.jpg

Like a desert mirage, a Petron magically appears! Time to gas up!

photo petron_zpsb48422c0.jpg

The whole process can be all done from the comfort of your car, but I like being hands-on and making sure the right fuel is loaded into the gas tank of my car. Not to mention giving you, my readers a firsthand experience of how easy using Globe Rewards really is.

Text “Buy 0917XXXXXXX(cashier #) <AMOUNT>” and send to 4438. Ex: Buy 0917XXXXXXX I31B4860_zps1f115ec1.jpg

Wait for the confirmation receipt. Then voila! Show the text to an authorised person in the forecourt in order to confirm your purchase and fill up aforementioned empty fuel tank.

photo I31B4868_zps0e23eb9d.jpg

Unleaded fuel! Take note! Loading one’s car with the wrong fuel type such as Diesel into a Gasoline car and vice versa can be time-consuming and catastrophic.

photo I31B4857_zps626d07e2.jpg

Choose which fuel, it’s all about preference. I went with Petron XCS which is 95 Octane fuel.

photo I31B4858_zps3edc4198.jpg

$$$$ buti nalang points! photo I31B4885_zps6e167b43.jpg

Cue 1960s lounge music.

photo I31B4891_zps09d978ea.jpg

While thinking of what pasalubong you can buy your significant other (or loved ones) with the money saved from this gas up.

photo I31B4892_zps12f647c8.jpg

There’s the magic number! 

photo I31B4894_zps36f35807.jpg

One other form to sign to seal the deal, grab your receipt, and you’re good to go! Road trip na!photo I31B4897_zpsa863954f.jpg

I still couldn’t believe it, such a practical and awesome deal!

photo I31B4895_zps508aed8c.jpg

Almost a full tank! Pretty sweet! I actually saved my Globe Rewards points so I could get use it on other stuff like movie tickets (Ayala Cinemas) and Figaro coffee! If you don’t have enough points for the whole purchase, you can always top-up using real dinero.

photo 004_zpsad1b1d13.jpg

Panalo! You can even share Globe Rewards Points! Check out essential information below!

 photo partners_zps27f92f52.jpg

Pricing Guide

  • 1 point is equal to P1 (i.e. 100 points = P100)
  • Subscribers have to pay the balance in cash or credit card

Allowable Redemption

  • Any points value above minimum points requirement to redeem
  • Merchants do not accept a fraction of a point (i.e. 0.5 point)
  • Subscribers can redeem any product or service available during date of redemption
  • Subscribers have to pay for the balance in cash or credit card
  • Ex. P180 worth of products = 180 points, or 110 points + P70 cash/credit card

How to Redeem

  • Text BUY < space > < 10-digit mobile # of cashier > < space > < points needed > to 4438. Ex. BUY 917XXXXXXX 100
  • Approach the cashier to get his/her assigned mobile number to be able to proceed with your transaction.
  • P1 transaction charge for Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers. No charge for Globe Postpaid.

Other Conditions

  • Postpaid subscribers should settle overdue accounts prior redemption
  • 5 maximum redemption transactions only per day
  • Successful transactions may not be cancelled. No points reversal upon redemption.

More info here: 

Day(s) In the Life Of | Fujifilm Instax Neo Classic is here!

photo I31B4814_zps6a168bdd.jpg

I’ve been very curious about the Fujifilm Instax Neo Classic considering it’s aesthetic appeal and instantly gratifying experience of having an actual physical photo which you can treasure or gift to someone as opposed to a digital copy that has such a slim chance of being printed considering the prolific use of smartphones, and social media sharing nowadays. The sense of permanency one gets from using the camera is nostalgic and endearing, keeping treasured memories in a I31B4824_zpse934f533.jpg

I also eventually appreciated the slower pace of photography since having a limited amount of Instax film meant that I had to think of my shots more and upon realization that I was using a legit film camera also made my subjects really appreciative of being in the photos! (although rivalry on who gets the group photo can get pretty fierce) When shooting a big group, best to take two or more photos to give out. Which leads me to how having an actual physical photo come out of your new Instax Neo Classic camera is great at parties, it’s a conversation starter, the design really turns heads, and easily just makes people I31B4805_zps92c20aa9.jpg

The capable camera has so many new features, such as double exposure, “party” mode, Bulb, macro, kids (for fast moving subjects ie: makulit) landscape and flash on/off mode. I also particularly liked that the new camera also has a threaded hole to place it on a tripod (as seen above) or similar mounts to give you really unique angles and photos!

Anyway, here’s what I shot with it! Enjoy!

photo neo5_zps7f9d4554.jpgphoto neo3_zps2a4d387d.jpg photo neo2_zps6d94c706.jpg

photo neo4_zps78cd7e79.jpg photo neo1_zps53df3a5e.jpgphoto neo6_zpse5cf4c0b.jpg

Had so much fun with the Instax Neo Classic! For those interested, the retail price is Php 8,980 and is available at most leading camera stores in the Metro.


Check out their facebook!


Twitter: @teaminstaxph

Instagram: @teaminstaxph

BTS | Pedro Calungsod : Batang Martir

photo I31B4366_zps0d498e80.jpg

Not to spoil anything for anyone planning to watch the movie, but I am just very excited to be part of such a monumental film. I brought along my camera as waiting is a pre-requisite of an actor’s job, and figured I could snap up some interesting images given the uniqueness and remoteness of our location. I play a priest by the way, which is very much close to my real personality I think 😀 Enjoy the photos, and hope everyone gets to catch Pedro Calungsod : Batang Martir when it comes out!

photo I31B4368_zps5c2de415.jpg photo I31B4377_zpsa5bfd63a.jpg photo I31B4382_zpsd587f0ac.jpg photo I31B4390_zps29308e37.jpg photo I31B4396_zpsdd28dc23.jpg photo I31B4404_zps2cbf703f.jpg photo I31B4414_zps869a6f49.jpg photo I31B4421_zps9034de34.jpgphoto I31B4489_zps80d71183.jpg photo I31B4426_zps118552fc.jpg photo I31B4430_zpseabd57d7.jpg photo I31B4433_zps72f4522a.jpg photo I31B4436_zps05510aff.jpg photo I31B4477_zps191f626c.jpg photo I31B4483_zpsc2b75e8a.jpgphoto I31B4490_zps14a56875.jpg





TIESTO | Live in Manila / BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey everyone! I am giving away tickets to the hottest concert party yet care of SM Accessories! Just to get you hyped up, check out the press release below!

photo TIESTO_sm_zps815a1766.jpg

“Beautiful World”, “Sweet Things”, “Elements of Life”, “I Will Be Here”, “Silence”, “Work Hard Play Hard” and “We Own the Night”. These are just some of the world-smash hits created by Grammy Nominee, legendary Dutch musician and record producer of Electronic Dance Music, and world – renowned professional DJ, Tiesto.


Tijs Michiel Verwest, more popularly known as Tiesto, began his DJ career by playing mostly New Beat and House Music in small clubs in his hometown in Breda, Netherlands. Tiesto then rose to popularity in the early 2000s after his performance at the Live at Innercity: Amsterdam RAI party, and the release of his first solo album entitled In My Memory. Since then, the Dutch musician has been making and producing award-winning Electronic Dance Music (EDM) hits and albums, holding concert tours and parties all over the world, and receiving countless recognition for his music. One of Tiesto’s albums, Elements of Life, took the number one spot on the Dutch album chart and on Billboard Top Electronic Albums in the US, and was awarded Best Electronic Dance Album in 2008. One of Tiesto’s most notable performances, on the other hand, was at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, making him the very first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympic event. The legendary EDM record producer was also the very first DJ to rank #1 in the Top 100 DJs list by DJ Magazine for 3 consecutive years. He also received the Best International DJ award in 2008 at the DJ Awards, and earned other titles such as The #1 DJ of 2008 and The Best DJ of All Time, both given by Mixmag magazine; The 40th Greatest Dutch Citizen of All Time and Officer of the Order of Orange – Nassau by the Dutch Royalty in 2003; and International Dance4Life Ambassador in 2006.

 With a well-proven track record, there’s no doubt that Tiesto is one of most sought-after EDM DJs in the world. In fact, in the Philippines alone, Tiesto has played his tracks in front of his fans – the country’s hottest clubbers, EDM enthusiasts and personalities in two of the biggest and hippest dance arenas last 2008 and 2009. On October 3, 2013, Tiesto will be coming back to Manila for his very first concert party at the Big Dome as World Wide Womb, Ovation Productions, Driven Manila, and Republiq present Tiesto Live in Manila, with the fastest-rising, most exciting female Australian DJ, Tigerlily as special guest. 

 Tickets to Tiesto Live in Manila are now available at Ticketnet. For more information, visit, World Wide Womb and Republiq on Facebook. For VIP tables, please call +639175508888.

Tiesto Live in Manila is a World Wide Womb, Ovation Productions, Driven Manila and Republiq production.

Now that everybody’s excited, do you want to find out how to win Two (2) Upperbox A tickets? Read on a little bit more!

photo bloggive_zps3c5b1e48.jpg


Tweet & Tag #SMAccessoriesxTiesto: How much you love Tiesto, and why of course! You can attach a picture also para masaya! Be creative! example: “I love Tiesto because he is the number one DJ for me and I love his remix of Ellie Goulding’s Burn #SMAccessoriesxTiesto

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There you go! Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on the biggest party this year! I’ll be announcing the winner on October 3, 2013!