Wrong Ramen’s Ramen Burger | An Experimental Culinary Homage

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Set out to check out Wrong Ramen after online hype about mixing two unlikely dishes could no longer be ignored. It’s like a loveteam doomed to fail, but somehow curiosity gets the better of people. Tried it out out with Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Yu, who were there a few minutes earlier than me chinese time nga naman. We opted for merienda, so unforunately the restaurant could only serve the re-creations as take-out since it was an odd hour/management meeting (details murky) Anyway, we finally situated ourselves outside in a nearby restaurant and ordered some drinks and dessert (slow hours for them too, so they didn’t charge us corkage/burger-age)

The ramen burger was… different. I liked the packaging, cheeky waitstub (as seen above) and the general size of it. But I feel it lacked the malinamnamness I expected from a dish so many people lined up for. Still, it was good, it needed some texture but I appreciated the jap mayo dressing. Like my friend Ryan Sison said, the burger patty was a bit underseasoned which I agree with. Maybe I was expecting something a little bit more savoury and toe-curling as opposed to the mildly flavoured, lukewarm ramen burger I was served. I want to go back and try it again, will give it a second chance because to be honest I sortakinda liked it. A side of fries would’ve sorted out the texture issue for me and added some needed saltiness into the mix. Wrong Ramen, I’ll definitely be back for the ramen, not too sure about the burger though.