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photo b2_zpsef159745.jpg Health is such an important word or term thrown around nowadays, it’s associated with lifestyle, well being, or even the latest fad diet or gimmick meant to shave off pounds without much effort. When making a toast to somebody, good health is rarely ever unmentioned. So what is it if it isn’t just the fitness regimens, cleansing crazes or calculated meal portions delivered to your door? Essentially when I think of health, it’s achieved by one’s activity level daily (i.e.: meters walked, staircases climbed, as well as intake choices such as sisig platters and extra orders of rice reluctantly avoided) but who really has the time to count footsteps and jot down meals in a little notebook when trying to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle? Luckily for us, we really live in the age of convenience where your email, social network accounts (Facebook, instagram, foursquare, et cetera) are all rolled up into little wonders we know simply as our cellphones. One can very well document their existence (duly curated of course) on one’s Samsung Galaxy S4 or other variant. Which is a really wonderful thing considering many of us really lead such interesting and incredible lives.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a truly unique prospect for all of us to further our pursuit of salubrity and happiness, dubbed S Health it features little programs bundled up specifically for your well-being. Interesting little suite of programs that make sure you continue to stay active and reach your personal fitness goals. 


Walking Mate

Essentially a pedometer that you start up and keep in your pocket and it measures how many steps you take in a day, the 10,000 step goal resets daily.

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Exercise Mate

A personal favorite of mine, one can select from an extensive list of activities ranging from aerobics, badminton, basketball, bowling, boxing, billiards, hula-hooping, rock climbing, skiing, all the way to weight training and yoga. Enter a total activity time, and an approximation of calories burned is reflected as well as a visual indication of how far you are from your daily activity level goal for the day! 

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Food Tracker

This clever little thing lets one input their meal choices, through another extensive searchable list of foods as well as having a really clever bar code scanner which then searches online databases for food products! So instead of inputting the information manually, one can just take a photo of the barcode of let’s say soda or bag of potato chips and see how many calories it actually has.

photo I31B3244_zps291dbf73.jpgSome delicious burgers and hotdogs on the grill! These are all included in the food tracker’s database!photo b_zps652cd39f.jpg

Comfort Level

This is an interesting one, first time I encountered it on my phone I didn’t know what to expect at all! Apparently it measures ambient temperature and humidity level around an individual and determines if it is actually comfortable in a certain place. You can also customize your preferred parameters so it really meets your standards in terms of comfort.

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I really appreciate having these ingenious little programs that assist and break down activities into numbers and figures because it’s then easier to measure which areas need improvement or need to be focused on. Of course these tools only help out and can never replace plain old sweaty effort and dedicated time working out and training but the suite helps develop habits which can help you get into the groove and lead you towards achieving your personal fitness goals.

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