Manila Fixed Gear x WEFXD | Father’s Day Out Exhibit

photo bike_zpscbb60447.jpg

I was so happy to have my bike on display for the BGC Father’s Day Out exhibit which consisted of cars, motorcycles and then some! I’m always up for promoting bikes and their use in the metro, as well as the creativity expressed in the riders’ bike builds.

photo bike3_zps15d27325.jpgphoto bikenight3_zps3e33c8d9.jpgphoto bike1_zps51a1dddf.jpgphoto bikenight2_zps99d00ed8.jpgphoto bikenight_zpsf9f9b8b4.jpgphoto bike2_zpsddaaf761.jpgphoto bikes_zps58a55ad0.jpgphotos from: MANILA FIXED GEAR