Berocca In Boracay | Beach Bound!

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I love the beach, I mean, I really enjoy the sun, sand and the ocean breeze and taking photos of something other than cityscapes and urban staples. I wasn’t sure though if I would be able to squeeze in a trip to Boracay considering the hectic schedule as of late. But lady luck shined pretty bright on this sun-starved individual and I was off to the famed island care of Berocca Performance!

Rainbow as seen from the top, always a good sign!

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How’s that for a powdery white sand and turquoise blue water greeting? I’m super lucky to have been able to join the Berocca in Boracay challenge!

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Forget something? Your shades? No worries, as there are a number of vendors peddling entry-level eye protection! I forgot my sunglasses in my excitement so I copped a pair! 

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First stop was in Station 3! Spotted these two crazies, Sanya Smith and Kim Marvilla (who interestingly enough, I’ve known since my ice hockey days!) They were completing challenges too! Pero, picture muna! 

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The “On Full Blast” tat guy! We had to take a photo of him for one of the challenges! After taking photos of certain tasks, contestants had to instagram and tweet their progress.

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Did somebody say shots? Berocca shots! (intermixed with an orange alcohol shot) Had to guess which one was the Berocca one by drinking your choice! I think I got it on my third try haha! I must say I really like the taste and love how it has no caffeine, sugar or artificial stimulants.

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Next was the riddle/math problem. Good thing I’m pretty decent at multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting and their respective orders so this one was a cinch. But honestly, I did hear the answer before I could compute due to my excellent eavesdropping skills. (wasn’t on purpose though!)

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Assembling the kite and checking the wind, which took a little longer than expected! 

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Finally got the kite to fly! No, I am not gangnam-ing. Or am I? That’s Jim in the background.

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Achievement unlocked! Kiteflying +100 points haha!

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The Berocca Paraw! I barely got a shot of it since it was going so fast! Pati ba yung paraw on full blast din? Completing 9 challenges is tough! Okay. I’ll be honest and admit I missed a few but only because I had so many electronics on hand that I was wary of having new (non)waterproof cameras and cellphones haha. 

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Sunset by Willy’s Rock before heading to the hotel to freshen up for the party, everybody had their cameras out and were snapping pictures of this amazing sight.

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Nestey (who is also a member of the Geek Army, he regularly watches our tech podcast GeekyNights) won the Berocca race! He was sporting a new haircut as well to celebrate his victory!

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Here’s Nestey hanging out with Saab, Sanya and Kim. New phone, thrill of winning, plus partying in one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines. What more can you ask for? 

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Super gracious and grateful, he was so stoked that his efforts really paid off. Now you can relax! Party na!

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Going home, that was such a fun trip. You really realize how many things you can do in a day when you’re game and on full blast with a glass of Berocca. Thanks Berocca for flying me in and I hope kasali uli ako next year!

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Thank you also to Discovery Shores for our awesome accommodations in Boracay! (official hotel sponsor)

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