Casa Lapo | Architecture

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Lapo Elkann, the New York born Italian’s name in 1977’s name is synonymous with sports cars, bespoke suits with a little more flair than usual, beautiful women and camouflage transportation. The impulsive, never surrenderd tattooed individual is also the designer behind the innovative brand Italia Independent which strikes me as a sort of extension to his massive closet, and creative impulses.

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It doesn’t surprise me that when the fast living Fiat heir rests his hat, he prefers a contrast to the busyness and excess he deals with from day to day.

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The open plan devoid of any structure illicits a calm and direct approach to the hideaway.

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Designed by French architect, Florent Lasdesaulnier, it is a sober yet personality rich structure that will indeed impress Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann’s distinctive taste.

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The structure’s ability to take on different skins intrigued me, but figured it was expected that camouflage would be the first choice.

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Quote from Designboom:

“The mixing of disciplines, materials and colours are his trademark.  a global artist, pressed for time, driven, anxious to understand, to assemble, to visit

and revisit products, places and spaces.  his creative energy is even expressed through his look. all of it seemed so familiar without my knowing why.  
my reaction was not so much fascination but rather curiosity, and once i reached the end of the interview, the project was fixed.  it was incredible. a first time experience.’

– architect florent lesaulnier

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Amazing stuff.