Shady Summer | Von Zipper

Von Zipper equates to skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, wee man, and basically for the more alternative and outgoing sort. The sunglasses they serve up are well designed to look good but at the same time hard wearing enough to put up with the numerous challenges the elements pose.

Extreme sports, lifestyle and a ton of personality is infused into their sunglasses which give some individuality in a sea of usuals suspects. I wear a couple of their shades simply because they fit the unfussy summer style pretty well, and are sporty enough to be tossed around and still keep on kicking. They’re perfect for music festivals and keeping the glare out of your eyes while chasing sunsets on a Malibu Wakesetter.


photo up top by Adrian Calumpang.

photo I31B7655_zps4b4f55e7.jpg

Mirrored plane!


Some of that limited ediiish!

photo I31B7663_zps2ecbb32c.jpg

I also really dig these ones (Cletus) because they really give off the summer vibe with the mirrorized lenses.


LoMax below. Basic with a lil sumpin sumpin. Keyhole bridge plus POLARIZATION! VP3 stands for Tri-Motion polarization, so a lot less glare to see colors better!

photo I31B7662_zps652465c3.jpg

Cletus again for the sunset.

photo L1040054_zpsc685fa82.jpg

Check out their stuff and find what your personality calls for, and which one tells your story!

photo I31B7681_zps4158dbd9.jpg

VZ sunglasses are available in LS Pascual Rockwell, LS Pascual Shangri-La, SPEX Greenbelt, SPEX BGC, Sarabia Greenbelt, and Sarabia ATC.



Instagram: VonZipperPH