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Milkshakes, ice cream, apple pies, cookies, piyaya and kid’s cereal. If you’re like me, then any mention of these delights could easily make you forget your 1. diet, 2. restraint towards sweets. I think my appreciation for sugar laden snacks started at a young age around gradeschool, with simple local staples like ice candy, icedrop, powdered orange juice, jelly candies, and the sort available to me anytime I fancied. One would think having access to the aforementioned these would curb my appetite but that was definitely not the case.

I have always been conscious of sugar intake even when I was younger, because my family had a close family friend who would always come over and complain during special occasions or gatherings that due to his being diabetic, he could not try the homemade cheesecake or leche flan even if these were his favorite desserts. Tito Gary would then extend his concern towards us, warning us to not eat too many sweets or to lessen our servings. I hardly paused at those words of caution before, yet eventually those words somehow got through, probably because of sheer repetition. But now that I am older, I am more conscious of the caloric values of these highly effective diet-busters. Getting into working out and sports makes one more aware of the effects of having sweets, learning that sometimes they can help performance and sometimes they can make you crash at the most inconvenient times.

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Exercising led me to researching more about diet, fitness regimens, and the internet’s vast web of suggested and similar posts led me to learn a lot about glycemic indices and eventually about diabetes and gum health. I particularly learned that people with diabetes are twice (2x) as likely to develop serious gum problems, because having the said condition makes your body more susceptible to bacterial infection and hence have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the gums. Luckily, there is a product made especially for gum health. Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health toothpaste helps reduce up to 90% of bacteria build-up that cause gingivitis, an early form of gum disease. Providing 12-hour bacteria protection even after brushing is one of the key advantages of using Colgate Total.

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Make Colgate Total part of your overall diabetes management program and for overall gum health. Your gums will thank you for it, and I am sure Tito Gary will definitely approve of the extra care you take, even if you have that small serving of leche flan.