Childhaus | Oppa! You know what comes next!

Last month, through the pooled efforts of Karylle, Zsa Zsa, Iza Calzado, Divine Lee, Yael Yuzon, the Philippine All Stars, and numerous Childhaus volunteers we managed to gather a sizeable number of people to initiate a flashmob right in the middle of Bonifacio High Street. TDK of course played a huge part, considering they provided the soundsystem needed to turn the place into a veritable frenzy of people dancing to the horse-galloping style craze. The Childhaus kids really loved it, and were eager to show their mettle on the impromptu dance floor. Crowd also went wild when the Philippine All Stars busted out their award winning moves and revealed Sam Concepcion with his stylised version of the billion viewed hit’s dance.

Hopefully with this video we can show that even if these kids battling with cancer they can still manage to take it day by day, appreciating moments like these and keep positive outlooks despite their situations. I mean, look how at how wide their smiles were on the video! I also wish that this video will bring more supporters and sponsors for Childhaus, that way we can keep having more activities and help uplift the little angels’ lives.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Thank you to: Ben Dayrit who choreographed well over 650 students! Roden Araneta and dance crew for making the whole rehearsal fun! Wyanet and Adrian of Mary Grace, Time Zone, the fine people over at TDK, Fridays group, Lorenzo’s way and many more! 

Check out Divine’s blog for the photos!

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